Chocolate Flavored Canola Oil

The lingering effects of Hurricane Irene have really thrown me for a loop. My siblings were originally supposed to start school yesterday, but because 43 schools in the area are still without electricity, they are postponing the start date. While many kids were overjoyed by the fact that summer vacation is prolonged for a few more days, it has affected my schedule a bit.

Somehow, my family was lucky enough to lose power for only a few hours, but many of the houses in a nearby neighborhood have been living by candlelight since Saturday night. Since my brother and sister wouldn’t have to set an alarm for the crack of dawn this morning, we decided to attend the Orioles game last night.


(That would be my brother and me anxiously waiting for my dad to pick us up.)

As soon as we got there, we remembered why we don’t go to baseball games very frequently: they’re boring. I used to spend Sunday afternoons going to the Orioles’ home games with my aunt and uncle, but the sport has since lost its appeal. Plus, I’m not really the type to sit back and enjoy a bag of peanuts and cracker jack.






My dad had four free tickets, so we didn’t mind arriving during the third inning. Shortly after we found our seats, it was time for my favorite part of the game: The Crab Shuffle! Seriously, there’s nothing more entertaining at an Orioles baseball game than trying to follow three little crabs dance around.

crab shuffle

Similar to the time when we went to a baseball game for Mother’s Day, I started getting antsy by the seventh inning. That’s when I pulled out my camera and started taking advantage of the zoom lens. I creeped on the people out on the balcony at the Hilton hotel, as well as various people in the audience.


I was thankful that we left before the end because I came home and crashed. Yes, I go to bed by 10pm. Laugh if you want to. Even though my typical bedtime rivals that of a young child, I was particularly tired last night. Yesterday was one of those days when I ended up grazing all day long (which I hate), and the added sugar made me feel lethargic. So therefore I have a completely legitimate reason for passing out so early.

In the midst of my cleaning spree, I found a jar of chocolate soynut butter that has gone untouched since I bought it. I had high hopes that my brother would enjoy it since he has a peanut allergy, but he was not a fan. I thought it smelled like brownie batter (I know you know that smell—and taste—of brownie batter as soon as you add oil to the mix); not bad, but not great either.

At the same time, I remembered that I needed to put a new jar of peanut butter in the fridge (I stir then transfer my peanut butter into a separate container). The empty container made me think about all of the bloggers that would swoon over the end of a jar of peanut butter—the best part of oats in a jar. But not me.

empty jar

I do not like oats in a jar. I do not like oats in a bowl. I do not like oats hot or cold. I do not like oats here or there. I do not like oats anywhere.

But I like oats with sugar. And chocolate chips. And in the form of granola.

Going back to that jar of chocolate flavored canola oil now. It wasn’t a cheap buy, so I thought I would get creative in the kitchen, especially since I had several children at my fingertips for taste-testers. Twenty minutes later, I had a healthy snack that everyone enjoyed. It’s not recipe worthy, but I have some better ideas that I hope to experiment with soon.


Yesterday was a day of snacking, but today was much more balanced.

mug o protein



This post is a bit sporadic. Sometimes my brain turns to jell-O.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Flavored Canola Oil

  1. I like this sporadic post!

    1) I LOVE Camden Yards. It is such a pretty stadium and the games are super entertaining!

    2) I am totally a fan of being asleep at or before 10 PM. There is nothing wrong with having a bedtime that rivals a middle-schooler! 🙂

    3) When I was still eating oats, I could not get behind the whole “oats in a jar” thing. Give me a bowl, please and thank you!

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