Friday Lunch: Graham Cracker-less S’mores

Do you know what happens when it’s Friday and I’m tired and the kids that I’m babysitting are whining at an unearthly loud decibel? I let them eat graham cracker-less s’mores covered in chocolate syrup. For lunch.

chocolate covered marshmallows

I am a firm believer that children should eat nutritious meals; being five years old doesn’t excuse you from having to eat your fruits and veggies. Strawberry GoGurt doesn’t count. I take pride in the fact that my kids eat carrot sticks and protein shakes while the other rugrats on the playground stack together their processed cheese and fake lunch meat.


However, a well-balanced diet does include some treats every now and then. Like when I need a bribe and when a pounding headache is coming on. I did have a few bites of my freshly-baked chocolate chip coconut banana bread for breakfast after all (and loved every gooey bite of it).

bb 1

bb 2

Though I wish I could neglect it at times, a healthy lifestyle also includes exercise. After going for a hilly walk in my neighborhood, I came home and stretched. I tend to work out all over my house; bathing suit yoga in my sunroom, circuits in my dining room, kickboxing in my basement, stretching in my kitchen. When the exchange students saw me bent over stretching my leg muscles, they were rather amused and confused. They didn’t know what I was doing, but they went ahead and mimicked me. Yet again, another one of my tricks worked! Winking smile

how to stretch 1

I love learning about health and fitness to better myself, but I love sharing my knowledge with others even more. Knowing that I can impact people of all ages is absolutely amazing, especially when the kids begin stealing bites of my veggie burger and start making peanut butter and banana smoothies all on their own!

What kind of positive influence have you had on others?

How do you balance a healthy lifestyle?


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