How To Wear A Printed Trench Coat

After my fashion post about trench coats, a reader, Sara, emailed me asking for advice on a trench that she had recently bought. She was at a loss because of its bold print (which can be a challenge!), but I assured her that printed trenches are actually great. A printed trench takes on a traditional style in a whole new way, making you sure to stand out. The catch here is that you want to stand out in a good way—not like I-just-dropped-$500-on-a-fashion-nightmare-but-I-can’t-return-it-and-it-was-too-expensive-to-let-it-sit-in-my-closet kind of way. That would be bad. Really bad.

The most obvious way to wear a trench coat is, well, as a trench coat. This outfit can come together so quickly because it’s super easy to just throw on a pair of jeans and a simple top. Pair it with rain boots and you’ll be ready to stomp in puddles in style (I’m delirious right now, don’t mind my cheesiness).

DVF Trench 2

A little black dress and a pair of nude heels work fabulously with a bold trench coat. The idea is to keep the focus on the jacket, but also look cute when you take it off. Keep the jewelry minimal—you don’t want it to compete with the loud print—but choose a fun, colored clutch.

DVF Trench 1

For a plain, but clean look, choose neutral colors and opt for very basic pieces. To keep it simple, I would go for a monochromatic look. Because Sara plans on wearing this trench in Florida, she can get away with wearing cropped white pants (NO flared pants!) and ballet flats—a great outfit for the daytime.

DVF Trench 3

Ultimately, the key to a printed trench, or any jacket for that matter, is making sure that it is fitted. If there is extra bulk, it will end up swallowing you and it will become extremely unflattering.

I’m so glad that Sara emailed me because this trench is awesome and she gave me the opportunity to further demonstrate how versatile trenches really are. I hope this helps, Sara! Smile


4 thoughts on “How To Wear A Printed Trench Coat

  1. This is SO helpful! Thank you so much for your help. I was definitely really worried this trench would never leave my closet but now I have three cute ways to wear it around campus or out with my friends. Thanks again!

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