Lopsided Fruit Pizza

Sunday morning, after sharing some laughs and recalling the previous night’s antics, I headed home to help prepare for the continuation of Jen’s birthday celebration. My family and I were hosting a small gathering, but there was still a lot of food to be made! As usual, I was in charge of desserts.

While I was baking a fruit pizza in the oven, I whipped up a light and fluffy peanut butter pie. When it was time to take the sugar cookie crust out of the oven, I noticed that it was a bit lopsided, and more oval, rather than circular. I must have been a little woozy when I was shaping the dough. Nonetheless, it still tasted divine! I thought it was only appropriate to form the letter “J” when decorating it with fruit.

JBW fruit pizza

peanut butter pie

JBW fruit pizza 2

We originally planned to have a crab feast, but the dark clouds and rumbling thunder was far too threatening. Instead, we enjoyed a mozzarella and tomato penne pasta salad (I managed to get a serving free of tomatoes Winking smile ) alongside chicken and beef kabobs, hot dogs, and corn on the cob.


JBW pasta and chicken

JBW kabobs

My dad and brother were troopers and continued to grill the kabobs through torrential rain and lightning. It was our first time testing out our new grill, and we were thoroughly impressed by how quickly it cooked everything. Plus, everything tastes better when it’s grilled.

JBW soaked

I was incredibly full after two chicken kabobs and a small helping of pasta salad, but of course I left room for dessert.

JBW cake

JBW dessert

The sun came out just in time to snap some pictures by the pool.

JBW siblings by pool

We were all laughing when everyone pointed out the fact that the five of us are all the exact same height.

JBW siblings

JBW nat and ali

Since getting my new haircut, Ali and I had to get a picture together to fully demonstrate that we could pass as twins. We get asked if we are all the time, so we are thinking about just pretending that we are from now on. It worked in Mexico after all!

JBW twinz

The day concluded by lounging on the sofa for the rest of the night. I had a major food baby, but my siblings banned me from getting on the treadmill for some exercise. Apparently it’s annoying to try to watch a movie while someone is loudly running on a machine. Who knew?

P.S. A new kind of fashion post is on its way! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think!

My giveaway ends tonight! Did you enter?

Do you like tomatoes? I hate them! They’re so gross!

What was the most delicious thing you ate this past weekend? I think it’s pretty obvious, but the desserts were the highlight of my weekend.


3 thoughts on “Lopsided Fruit Pizza

  1. FRUIT PIZZA! Wow, we used to have that at soccer parties! It is SO addicting. I can never eat just one slice. I have been looking for a recipe because my husband keeps mentioning it! Care to chare the recipe?

    Also, your family is too cute! I am so jealous of your big family–I always wanted tons of siblings, but I only got one! 🙂

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