Tattoo On My Forehead

Bright and early on Saturday morning, my mom and I packed up my car and left the beach behind us. Though I was sad to leave the sand and the ocean (well, not really the ocean—I don’t get in that thing), I was anxious to get home.

beach at night

Nothing monumental happened during our travels (a rarity), but I was forced to drive while looking like an idiot due to the fact that I had a bag of ice held up to my face. A minor sunburn on one area of my lip caused swelling and irritation, so I drove with one hand on the steering wheel and the other covering my mouth. Two hours into the drive, my lips and hand went numb. That was fun.

The minute I walked in the door, I began making s’mores cupcakes to take to Jen’s house later that evening.

smores cupcakes

Jen’s birthday is actually on Monday, but her roommate Tanya planned a whole evening of celebrations. My family and I were also hosting a small get-together this afternoon, so I went to the grocery store with my siblings after the cupcakes finished baking. We agreed to buy the groceries while my parents started on cleaning the house.

Whenever my siblings and I are all together—usually in public locations—we tend to get a tad loony. This outing was no different; we all seemed to skip lunch, so our stomachs were grumbling by the time we were shopping in Sam’s Club. Luckily, there were plenty of samples available. We may or may not have sampled everything twice. Or three times. We just couldn’t really get a good taste with such a small bite. Winking smile

When we arrived back home, I quickly skewered some fruit kabobs and whipped up a fruit dip while icing the cupcakes.


A fast shower, a cute dress, and a swift application of makeup later, I was all set for a night out in Fell’s Point. (Here’s a super awkward picture that I snapped to send to my sister to show her my new haircut—ignore the fake smile and the fact that I’m focused on the stoplight.)

new haircut

Before going out, Jen’s friends were all invited to meet at her house for food and drinks. Tanya did an amazing job of decorating according to the pirate theme—apparently it’s a popular one! She had treasure chests full of goodies, including glow bracelets, pirate tattoos, and hats.

treasure chest

Among many familiar faces, I also had the chance to meet some blog readers (hi!!). All of Jen’s friends and co-workers were incredibly sweet and I knew that a good night would surely ensue.

jen and coll jbw

coworkers jbw

girls jbw

Once we munched on an array of delicious appetizers and emptied our cups full on sangria, all thirty of us hopped into cabs and made our way to our first destination of the night.

In the heart of Fell’s Point, we boarded “Fearless,” a pirate ship for the adults-only, nighttime “grog” cruise. As soon as we were on the ship, we morphed into true pirates by decking ourselves out in vests, bandanas, and eye patches, and by filling our shot glasses with Captain Morgan (bleghh!). We learned some authentic pirate terminology and then attempted to play a game of pass the skull heads (or something), but it didn’t last too long.


A round of limbo then followed as we whizzed by the many sights of Baltimore.

limbo jbw


The view was great, but the highlight of being a pirate for an hour was when we were given the opportunity to shoot water-spraying canons.

canons shooting jbw

I didn’t partake in attempting to douse the people strolling along the Inner Harbor (I of course was disgusted by the thought of dirty water spewing all over my dress), though it seemed like the boys fully enjoyed it. Perhaps it brought them back to the days of water gun fights during hot summer days?

zach jbw

We toasted to Jen’s birthday then reluctantly gave back our pirate costumes. After walking a block down the street, we came to The Get Down, one of Baltimore’s only non-creepy clubs. Using their business skills, Jen and Tanya arranged for us to get in for free and to get a complimentary drink. The large crowd gathered outside of The Get Down wasn’t too happy when over two dozen of us cut to the front of the line and gained instant access into the club.

I was grateful that we didn’t have to wait, but as soon as we entered, a wave of nausea hit me. The reverberating music and the strobe lights were a little too much to handle—I had to get out of there fast. Zach, Jen’s boyfriend, graciously helped me get a cab back to Jen’s house, where I proceeded to become best friends with the trashcan. Sorry to be graphic, but let’s be honest. You’ve been there too. And if you haven’t, then you’re the party pooper who forgoes the passing around of the mysterious smelling water bottle.

As I was off in la-la land (I think I’m the only person who remains jovial while in an ill-state), I began dreaming away and envisioned something being built as I heard hammering. Umm, no, dumby. That would be Jen’s co-workers banging on the front door trying to get into the house. Sorry for the delay, but I wasn’t about to leave the house unlocked in Baltimore City with a helpless girl inside.

Brittany, Jen’s officemate, kept me company and Nooshin, Jen’s friend from college, helped me take off my jewelry (though I told her I needed to wear my ring while sleeping for some bling). Eventually, the rest of the crew trickled in and once Zach and Jen were back, I got tucked in bed, err…the floor.

And here’s a little life lesson for everyone: do not put a tattoo on your hand if there is a possibility of it becoming a resting spot for your forehead while you get cozy with a trashcan. Yes, a pirate was imprinted on my face.

Did you enter the Coobie Bra Giveaway yet?

What did you do this weekend?

Do you hate me for posting a novel with barely any pictures?


8 thoughts on “Tattoo On My Forehead

  1. Haha literally so funny…especially the end section about the tattoo and the “i need the ring for some bling while i sleep”

  2. no pictures necessary because it was hilarious 🙂 I think we’ve all had some rough nights like that (or maybe its just us? haha) but I’ve never woken up with a pirate imprinted on my face (but I have woken up with ink from a stamp on my face. Not nearly as fun as a pirate).

  3. i love this post, especially the pictures. what a bunch of scallywags! and you idiots didn’t even get to eat a pretzeldog!!

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