Buried Alive In The Sand

I put on my tennis shoes by 7am this morning and headed out for yet another long walk on the beach. Instead of my usual walk to Fenwick Island, I decided to walk along Coastal Highway in the opposite direction. At least I didn’t have to carry a 5lb tub of protein powder this time. I wasn’t loving my music this morning and couldn’t figure out what I was in the mood for, so I frequently switched from Lil Wayne to Jimmy Buffett. I like a little variety.

       lil wayne                  jimmy buffett

The downside to exercising outdoors is that you can’t just hop off your treadmill when you’re starving midway through a workout and grab something to eat. After conquering six miles, I arrived home famished and ready to eat my arm for breakfast. I refrained though.

I then worked on my Coobie bra giveaway post before making my way to the beach. The weather was beyond perfect today, making it easy to spend hours in the sun reading. I finally finished Heart of the Matter this afternoon and absolutely loved it! I found myself completely engrossed in the novel once I finally had time to read without interruptions. Page after page, I was dying to read more. Though the ending didn’t surprise me, I was happy that Nick returned to his wife. I felt saddened by Valerie’s loneliness and the absence of a father-figure for Charlie, but agreed with Nick’s ultimate decision.

heart of the matter

My friend, Melissa, is also at the beach, so I made plans to meet up with her this afternoon. We exchanged a few text messages and I told her that I would walk down to her street after finishing lunch. I walked by the water so that we could hang out on the beach for a bit. Melissa’s condo is about a mile and a half away from mine, but I couldn’t see the street signs in order to determine my location along the way. I asked four different people—including a lifeguard—what street it was, but not a single person could give me a definitive answer! One guy even told me that it was 96th street when in reality, it was actually 114th street! How can you be that far off?!

Life Guard stand Ocean City MD

Using my own navigational skills (aka consulting my Blackberry’s GPS), I finally reached my destination. However, when I called Melissa to ask for a landmark, she wasn’t picking up her cell phone. No problem, I’ll just search the beach. After twenty minutes of leaping over beach towels and accidentally crushing sand castles, I determined that she was nowhere to be found. I stood down by the water while frantically calling her. Seven times. By this point, I simply assumed that she was eaten by a shark or was buried in the sand somewhere.

buried in the sand

I began my trek back to my spot on the beach and sure enough, when I was just about to reach my street, Melissa called, explaining that she had forgotten her phone while she was out to lunch. And all that time I was worried about her being lost at sea! I love walking—especially along the shore—so I really didn’t mind the additional three miles that I tacked on to the morning’s walk.

Melissa and I instead made plans for this evening; she coerced me into going to the Ocean City boardwalk with her and her friend Tina. The last time that I was there was for the Dew Tour and Kid Cudi concert—that’s twice this summer, a record since middle school! We did some sightseeing while at the boardwalk–people watching, that is–and walked on the cold sand while sharing stories.

ocean city boardwalk

We were originally planning on getting Dumser’s ice cream, but when I heard that Tina has never tried frozen yogurt before, I convinced her otherwise. I raved about HaHa’s, a new place in Fenwick Island that I discovered a few weeks ago. Boy were they in for a treat (no pun intended)! All of the evening’s flavors sounded delicious, but the cake batter flavor was the most appealing to me.

HaHa's froyo

In addition to cake batter, I also opted for peanut butter, cookies ‘n cream, and red velvet cake. I topped it with a few pretzel M&M’s and was in heaven after the first bite.


Tina tried a few flavors as well and sprinkled some colorful jimmies on top. Both Melissa and Tina agreed that the frozen yogurt was delicious (and much better than Tutti Frutti at home!).

froyo 2

The two of them returned to Melissa’s condo to watch Jersey Shore, but I declined the offer in order to get to bed earlier. Well, there’s also the fact that I despise that whole phenomenon.

Now I’m in bed and my eyes are started to feel extremely heavy!

If you read it, what are your thoughts on Emily Giffin’s novel, Heart of the Matter?

Have you ever been “buried alive” in the sand at the beach?

What are your favorite frozen yogurt toppings?


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