You’re Still In A Bathing Suit?!

Answer me this: why am I still wearing a bathing suit at 10 o’clock at night? Hey, anything goes at the beach, right? Or maybe I just like to do weird things at this hour? Today has been my version of the ideal day. After seriously stressing out, I needed a little relaxation. I jumped out of bed at 6:30am (I’m a freak and actually like to wake up early) then quickly changed into my workout gear and headed out for a long walk. The energy early in the morning is indescribable; the sun is rising in the distance, breakfast foods are permeating throughout the air, and bikers are plentiful.

sunrise at beach

sand in the morning

Even though I have been coming to Ocean City since I was an infant, I still love to take in the scenery and the cute beach shops. Along the way, the nerd in me spotted an error on a sign outside of a restaurant. Instead of saying lunch and dinner, it read lunch and diner. I was baffled that they would put it up even with the mistake, especially because there was another sign right next to it that clearly said dinner, not diner.

sign grammar error

It’s practically impossible to get lost at the beach, but I always use Sea Shell City as a landmark to know that I am just entering Fenwick Island. To non-Ocean City beach-goers, Sea Shell City is quite a unique place. The name is misleading as they do not sell thousands of sea shells, as I had previously thought at the naïve age of six.

fenwick island seashell city

I walked a good distance before deciding to turn around, mostly because my stomach was grumbling for breakfast. My GPS stopped working about halfway through, but I presume I completed a little over five miles. As I was nearing my street, the smell of donuts from Fractured Prune were calling to me. They always smell so delicious, but I didn’t stop for any this morning.

fractured prune

Instead, I came home and made myself a toasted English muffin topped with peanut butter and a banana alongside two omelets. Can you tell I was hungry?

eggs and english muffins

I ended up blogging for three hours this morning because my internet connection is extremely slow (read: I am tapping into my neighbor’s internet and there’s only one bar available) and pictures were taking forever to upload. Once I did finally head down to the beach, I spent several hours making a large dent in my book.

heart of the matter

Emily Giffin is my new favorite author! Heart of the Matter has me hooked! Sidenote: did anyone else think her last name was Griffin, not Giffin?? I picked up on this a few weeks ago after inadvertently thinking that there was an ‘r’ in her name. I also spent time playing with my adorable neighbors. In one house, there are nine kids between two families, and they are all cousins. They are a blast!

For lunch, I headed back up to my condo for a cold bowl of yogurt with blueberries. This combination always hits the spot at the beach!

blubes and GY

My mom and I continued to read while sitting on the beach until 6pm. After a quick dinner that I threw together, I opened up my planner so that I could tackle my to-do lists. Unfortunately, I have to work while I am here at the beach, but I don’t mind because a lot of it is stuff that I want to do. I actually don’t view my time at the beach as a vacation since it has truly become my home away from home. Nonetheless, the balance of work and play is perfect!

My 8-year-old neighbor just came over and exclaimed, “You’re still in your bathing suit?!” …I guess I better go shower now!

Check back tomorrow because I have an AWESOME giveaway in store! I’ve been dying to tell you guys about this product, but it keeps getting pushed back! If you are extremely observant, you might have gotten a clue from this post


12 thoughts on “You’re Still In A Bathing Suit?!

  1. Emily Giffin books are complete Chick Lit crack. I cannot put them down. I actually posted about my love for her a couple of weeks ago. The “purple” book is my favorite! The fact that my husband is specializing in pediatric neurology and I am a Literature professor made me a little bit too involved in the plot of this book. I think I read it in one day. I can’t wait to know what you think!

  2. I used to think the same thing about Sea Shell City when I was young – haha! And it was a must go to stop every time we were at the beach, I loved just looking at the million random things in there!

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