36 English Muffins, 8lbs of Peaches, and 40 Yogurts

The song “Manic Monday” might as well have been playing in the background of my life today. Because I don’t have a typical Monday through Friday job, I don’t usually dread Mondays. However, this morning started off on the wrong foot when I decided to hit the snooze button and sleep until 6:50am. I had planned to work out before leaving to babysit, but I got to bed later than expected so I needed the extra sleep.

I didn’t think that I would have time to work out at any other point today, but I ended up breaking up my workout into segments. When I have a whirlwind schedule, I can’t always guarantee that I will have a solid hour to dedicate to gym time, so I just do what I can. Jake, a boy that I babysit, loves to work out in his home gym, so the two of us got on side-by-side machines this morning. I completed two miles on the treadmill while he completed 8,000 strides on the elliptical (he is all about beating his own personal record!).

The only fruit and veggies left in my fridge were grapes and carrots, meaning that a trip to the grocery store was needed. Once I finished babysitting, I went to Sam’s Club, intending to get a few things on my list. Somehow, a “few things” turned into 36 English muffins, 8lbs of peaches, 40 Greek yogurts, and a ton of other food.

grocery list

Though I was able to find everything that I was looking for, I noticed that some of the shelves were looking a little empty. Kinda like the shelf holding the organic milk. I have a weird thing about buying perfectly shaped boxes (I hate dents!), so I of course had to climb to the back of the shelf to grab a package of milk that looked acceptable. (While I was back there, I checked out the inventory of dairy products! …I hope a worker wasn’t stocking any of the shelves, I would have looked like a total creeper. Which I am.)

milk cartons

I have a history of climbing to reach items in grocery stores. What’s a five-foot-two girl to do?

climbing in freezer

I also am extremely picky when it comes to selecting fresh produce. There’s a 99% chance that I tossed aside a few cartons of strawberries just to find berries with a dark, red hue.

berries tossed

When I entered the grocery store, dark clouds were lurking. Sure enough—when I’m shopping at the one place that does not give you grocery bags—it is pouring down raining while I’m walking to my car with a cart full of food.

cart full of food

I was dying to try a new-to-me granola bar when I came home, so I clearly had to rip open the box of Clif Mojo bars. I chose the dipped chocolate peanut flavor and was surprised that I liked it so much (considering I do not like nuts in foods). Okay, new rule. Next time I want to eat a granola bar, you need to knock it out of my hand. Anyone interested in the position of official granola bar patroller?

chocolate dipped peanut

I apparently don’t learn, as I had yet another crazy reaction to the snack. Remember when I had those bizarre side effects after eating a chocolate-dipped coconut Luna bar? I also had the lentil soup incident. I want to get to the bottom of it, but I’m not sure what it could be!

Luckily, my reaction wasn’t that severe, so I was able to remain productive for the rest of the afternoon. I can’t stand a messy fridge and the freezer needed a serious cleaning. After I tossed out any UFOs (unidentifiable foiled objects), I pulled out the large bin and scrubbed it clean. When I attempted to put it back in the freezer, I realized that I put it in backwards. I then spent 45 minutes—I’m not kidding—trying to pry it out to avail. Since I couldn’t completely close the freezer, I had to take everything out and stuff the frozen foods into the perfectly organized fridge. What a bummer. I alerted my dad of the situation when he arrived home and he was able to resolve the issue before everything melted.

My day was a little thrown off by the battle with the freezer bin, but I squeezed in another two miles on the treadmill before my friend Emily came over for a visit. After she left, I finished up my workout by completing four miles of intervals while watching Bachelor Pad. And when I say intervals, I mean that I would run a little, hop off the treadmill, put in a load of laundry, run a little more, then fold a few pieces of laundry. It’s an effective workout, trust me.

Did anyone else watch Bachelor Pad tonight? I felt so bad for Erica when she received the most hits for the least attractive female—so awful!

How was your Monday?


9 thoughts on “36 English Muffins, 8lbs of Peaches, and 40 Yogurts

  1. haha I am so impressed with your “interval workout.” Smart and I can see where it would be mucho effective!

    Yes, watched Bachelor Pad. I had one of those clap out loud reactions when Ames ditches the whole thing for Jackie. I mean, that is just too sweet. It was nice to see a mini-happen ending on one of these shows 🙂 I know, I’m a hopeless romantic!

  2. Oh my gosh I felt so bad for Erica too!!! Awful. Can you imagine?

    And fun day- I love trips to Sams and Costco. Will you be able to finish all that Greek yogurt before it expires?! I always end up buying about 10 times more things than I had on my list… It’s just so tempting when you can get so much for such a low price!

    • That was AWFUL! I know I would have felt terrible if I were in her position.

      Buying in bulk is great! That Greek yogurt isn’t actually all for me–the plain tubs are mine and the individual cups are for my siblings and the rest of my family. We do go through it quickly so it hardly ever goes bad! Clearly, I can’t seem to resist the temptation of the low prices!

  3. Oh my gosh you got so much stuff! hahaha that’s the smart way to shop though. I’m just as short as you so I understand climbing to reach things… story of my life…

    I love your “interval workout”.. brilliant. I think if I tried to do that, I would get off the treadmill and then get so distracted by whatever else I was doing that I wouldn’t get back on. Oh well!

    • I just hate when I run out of food, especially when I have a craving for something! Stores should really keep us shorties in mind when building shelves!

      My interval workout only works when I’m a crazy person and am trying to fit a million things in at once–I get very determined to squeeze it all in!

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