Napping At The Nail Salon

My weekend has been the perfect combination of laziness and productivity. Knowing that the weather would be less than stellar on Saturday and Sunday, I took advantage of my free afternoon on Friday and went for a long walk near my neighborhood. Since I was with Ali, I thought I would also venture through one of the trails at the park down the street.

trail 1

Though Ali didn’t have much faith in me, we came out of the woods alive and within a reasonable amount of time. Quite rare, given my history of hikes.

trail 2

I could do without the bugs flying at my face and the muddy pathways, but I must admit that the view is awesome. Running/sliding down the massive hill? Not so much.

trail 3

trail 4

Ali and I needed a little pampering after spending a few hours hiking, so we headed to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures. I like to nitpick just because I think I can do my own nails a thousand times better—but never feel like actually doing them myself—so I was beyond annoyed when I got stuck with the inexperienced esthetician. Either my annoyance was obvious or my esthetician was bored because I ended up getting a new esthetician about halfway through my pedicure.


A little convincing had me willing to try a shellac manicure; I chose a neutral color since vibrant colors are too bold for me at times (it’s a shocker that I decided on a pink hue for my toes!) Unbeknownst to me, the shellac manicure was a long process. So long that I may or may not have fallen asleep in the chair.


True life: I can fall asleep anywhere. Yes, I once fell asleep while I was seeing Jerry Seinfeld live. How does that happen? I don’t know.

I worked Saturday morning, but had the afternoon free. Since it was pouring down raining, hanging out by the pool was not an option, nor was a walk in the neighborhood. Instead, I kept my workout indoors and completed six miles of intervals on the treadmill.

I was able to make a last minute hair appointment and decided to go a little crazy. My stylist is the best and usually gives me a great cut with lots of layers, but I told her she could do whatever she wanted this time. Eight inches later, I had a whole new look! I’ll post pictures soon, but I actually think I’m going to make another appointment on Tuesday so that she can add some more angles.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Do you ever let your stylist have free range with your hair?


12 thoughts on “Napping At The Nail Salon

  1. I have a terrible habit of allowing people to do “whatever” they want with my hair and they always end up going CRAZY. I HAVE to stop doing that! I am the type of person who tells the person I like it and then promptly BURST into tears the second I get in my car. I have to learn to speak up for myself. I haven’t had my hair cut in about 8 months and I this is why!

    • Oh no! That’s the worst! I’ve learned over the years that nothing good results from being too quiet. I took in an old pictures of myself so that she could go by that. When you do go to get a haircut, I would suggest taking several minutes to talk with your stylist and to discuss exactly what she’s going to do. Figure out what is the most flattering for your face shape and what kind of cut will work with your lifestyle.

  2. Nice Park! I have never let a stylist do anything with my hair. I’m pretty picky, but luckily I’ve found a chick I really trust. I let her have a little more freedom.

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