Perfume, Deodorant, and Old Bay Stains

Last night, my friend Jamie, her sister Val, my sister Jen, and I all met up to go out to dinner. Jamie and I have been friends since middle school and though we attended different high schools, we have managed to remain close over the years. Jen and Val are a year apart, but they instantly became friends once they met.  With different lifestyles and busy schedules, it’s hard to coordinate a time that works for all of us.

Because Jamie goes to school in Virginia and is an avid traveler, her invitation sometimes gets lost in transit. It’s not my fault that the three of us inadvertently exclude her while she’s off hanging with kangaroos in Australia or doing a jig in Scotland. Then there are times when I just don’t know why she isn’t present. Like the time that Val and I visited Jen in college. Perhaps it’s because she and I were only freshman, and she didn’t feel the need to start her “college search” that early. Winking smile

crazy jmu

Or maybe it’s because we can get a little crazy at times?

(Side note: I would never dare wear a hot pink cami with a black lace top nowadays. I was a 14-year-old pretending to be a 22-year-old. It worked. The outfit did not.)

When Val, Jen, and I had dinner in September, Jamie couldn’t make it, being that she does that whole school thing. Lame, I know. Eight months later, we were finally able to make our schedules match up. Per Jen’s suggestion, we went to Bay Café in Canton.

I was immediately attracted to the beautiful setting and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect! We were seated right along the water with gorgeous views of the sunset.

boats bay cafe

bay cafe boats

girls at dinner

jamie and coll

gorg sunset


The atmosphere was reminiscent of Seacrets, though on a much smaller scale. I can’t wait to be back down at the beach and to hopefully have the chance to go to the real Seacrets for my second time!

seacrets lookalike

Please note that I look awful due to the fact that I had about thirty seconds to get ready; I got off work much later than expected and had to go to dinner unshowered and with my hair in a workout headband. Oh, plus I had stains all over my shirt because apparently perfume, deodorant, and Old Bay all stain silk really easily. And yes, I stopped at Jen’s house on the way, drenched my shirt with a wet towel, then used a blowdryer to avoid looking like an unkempt toddler. I’m a mess.

I ordered steamed shrimp for dinner but failed to take a picture because I was ravenous, meaning that I was too impatient to wait and take a picture. The presentation wasn’t that great anyway.

Okay, my eyes are literally closed while I type this…I’ve been awake since 5am and it’s insanely late!


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