Date Night and The Lonesome Manila Folder

My lack of sleep over the weekend kicked me in the butt when I woke up at 7:19am this morning, aka eleven minutes before I was supposed to be babysitting. Lucky for me, my job doesn’t require business attire and bedhead is not even an issue. Sleepy smile

All day today, jokes were being made about the number of kids that I was babysitting—six to be exact. I think it’s time to open up my own camp (I hope my parents don’t mind!). I really didn’t go to many camps as a kid, mainly because my mom always seemed to pick the worst ones. Cheerleading camp? Seriously??? That camp alone scarred me for life. On the first day of beginner cheerleading camp, my sister and I were asked to do back handsprings. Umm, hello! I’m six years old! I can jump up in the air and do spirit fingers at the same time. No? That’s not good enough? Well screw that.

spirit fingers

Needless to say, we did not return to camp the next day. Although I did go to a few camps that I would deem as fun, I don’t remember ever being overly excited to go. Camp Colleen would be loads of fun. The campers could go swimming, play any kind of sport that their heart desired, and would have complete access to my basement full of old toys. Plus, their food would practically be gourmet—no rubbery, square-shaped pizza here! What 1st grader wouldn’t  want a homemade, organic whole wheat banana muffin along with a protein shake?

Okay, so maybe my camp wouldn’t be a total success, but I can lather a child in sunscreen in 60 seconds flat and I know how to divert a meltdown in no time. That counts for something, right?

Once Camp Colleen closed for the day, Brian and I went out to run a few errands. Because Brian had been at the beach for the past ten days, it had been a while since I last saw him. My siblings and I are very close so Brian and I ended up having a “date night,” being that we were the only two home.

bri and coll grad

We first went to Old Navy in hopes of finding the same pair of shorts that I bought a few weeks ago. To my excitement, they had a handful of pairs left and they were in my size! Obviously, I had to buy them all.

We then walked next door to check out Borders’ going-out-of-business sale. It’s unfortunate to see the store fail, especially since it is one of my favorite places to go. Whenever I need to de-stress or complete some school work away from my house, Borders is my go-to place. My initial reaction was to go and pick up any book that looked good, based off of its cover (Yes, that’s how I pick out books. Judge me). But then I remembered that I hate buying books. With the exception of reference books, there’s no point in purchasing a book to read once, in my opinion. Why waste the money when I can borrow it from the library for free (well, unless it’s returned late, then it can get a little expensive)!

chanel memoir

Sure, the Chanel memoir is interesting and the how-to guide on making jewelry out of household items might be useful once in a blue moon, but clearly they’d just collect dust on my nightstand. Brian, on the other hand, convinced me that an official U.S. Army Combat guide (or something) would totally come in handy when he’s playing his friends in Call of Duty (and beating up Alison Winking smile).

brian at borders

I wanted to pick up a few items from the natural food market, so Brian reluctantly agreed to go in with me. As soon as we walked inside, he thought the place had a “weird” smell. I just told him it was the earthy food. I picked up a few different jars of Artisana coconut butter, as well as a peanut-free chocolate soynut butter. Brian has a nut allergy, so we’re hoping he will be able to enjoy this one!

cacao bliss 2

Our next stop was The Vitamin Shoppe, followed by a trip to Target to get some school supplies. I wasn’t surprised when I saw that a lot of the items were already picked over and some were even out of stock, despite still having over three weeks left in the summer.

pens and pencils

I never cared much about “school supply shopping;” I’d rather be out shopping for clothes. In fact, I stopped going all together once I entered high school. During my junior year, I had an excellent filing system. I had one manila folder that housed every single paper I received from September to June. Eventually, the folder became too large and too heavy to hoist out of my backpack, so I simply fished for papers by rummaging through my bag. Ironically, I’m meticulous about every other aspect of my life, but when it comes to school, eh who cares!

When Brian and I came home, we continued our night together by watching Bachelor Pad. I get totally sucked into these crappy reality shows, but hey, they’re entertaining and don’t require me to think.

Did you go to camp when you were a kid? What kind of camps did you go to, and did you like them?

Were you big on “school supply shopping?” Did you have to have the folder emblazoned with the latest boy band?


2 thoughts on “Date Night and The Lonesome Manila Folder

  1. Oh gosh, I HATED camp. My mom always picked the worst sports camps and they were always the HOTTEST weeks of the year. I do not think you could pay me to go to camp again. Interestingly enough, my husband is the complete opposite, he loved every single camp he ever went to, maybe it is a guy thing?

    I LOVE back to school shopping. Clothes shopping was definitely better than supplies, but I loved picking out my lunchbox and binder. I would always pick the lunch box that came with the free snacks inside. My mom would never buy good junk food, and they always put the worst snacks inside.

    Aww, I miss back to school shopping! I may have to go to Target and comb the aisles.

    • I definitely think it is a guy thing! Girls are better at entertaining themselves 🙂

      I wore a uniform for most of my elementary through high school career so I didn’t do much back to school shopping, clothing wise. Instead, I would drag my mom to Limited Too nearly every Friday night. A lunch box with snacks inside?! I never knew that they made those!

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