The Technicolor Dreamcoat

After an exhausting and draining week, I was ecstatic to finally have one morning to sleep in. When I woke up feeling ready to get out of bed and somewhat well-rested, I was sure that I had slept in until at least 8am. 6:45am?! It couldn’t be! Oh, but it was. I’m not one to wake up then fall back asleep, so I knew I was better off just waking up and going outside to get some exercise.

I originally planned to go for a light run, but about a mile in, my body was making it clear that a run was not in my best interest. Instead, I decided to take a different route and went on a long walk through a hilly part of my neighborhood. My stomach was grumbling for breakfast the entire time, but it was nice to just get out and clear my mind so I kept trucking along. I ended up completing just a little over six miles, all before 9am!

When I arrived home, I fixed myself breakfast and took care of a few things. My mom and I were invited to a private sale at Ann Taylor Loft–clearly we had to go! We were allowed to shop around an hour before the store officially opened while enjoying some mini blueberry muffins. We ended up running into several friends of ours so we chatted, compared our findings, and opened up new credit cards! Open-mouthed smile

ann taylor loft

I picked up several items that will be added to my growing fall collection. Besides the fact that I was shopping in my sweaty gym clothes, I just simply hate trying clothes on at the store. I much prefer to try everything on at home, when I’m wearing the proper bra and have a good counterpart to go with each item. In addition to my purchases from Loft, I also had a few things to try on from my shopping trip to the mall.

Fortunately, most of the items were great buys, but one of them was a train wreck. When I spotted this particular dress in Anthropologie, I envisioned it perfectly and thought that it would be amazing for an upcoming trip. Let’s just say that it was far from amazing. Knowing that it was a caftan, I opted for an extra small. As soon as I slipped it over my head, things went terribly wrong. Is it a dress or Joseph’s technicolor dreamcoat??

geo stripe caftan

I absolutely love the pattern and the material is fabulous, but the designers were on drugs when they took the measurements for this caftan. I could have easily fit two people inside of there! Plus, the $300 price tag was a huge downside. So unless I’m starring in a play at my church, I will be returning this purchase!

Luckily, several of the pieces that I bought from Loft actual fit a normal human being, so my trip there was a success!

Have you gone shopping recently? Did you buy clothes for the fall or are you still scouring the summer sale racks?


9 thoughts on “The Technicolor Dreamcoat

  1. Oh man, it didn’t look good? That’s a bummer. Brian and dad hit the sale racks at the outlets the other day and bought so much stuff (way more than Ali)! And Brian picked out a polo and dad got the same one. Haha, I was cracking up about the story. Then Ali said that they “let” dad go off for about 10 minutes alone, and he returned with two huge bags of new pots and pans. Haha, they had quite the shopping spree.

    • Waaayy too big. Someone who would normally buy an XL could fit into the dress! Brian showed me what they bought–sounds like they went to town! Hahaha, dad goes crazy when he goes shopping–hence why we randomly ended up with a new grill!

  2. Haha that happens to me all the time! I hate that. Normally I love buying fall clothes, but I just moved to California from Indiana so I don’t know if they even have fall here! Bummer.

    LOVE the name of your blog. 🙂 So cute.

  3. HAHA! That is so funny! I hate when I think something is going to be cute and it ends up being a disaster. The technicolor dream coat does look a bit…..baggy. 🙂

    I have been LOVING Ann Taylor Loft lately. The sales are so good right now! I used to work at Ann Taylor and my employee discount worked at BOTH the Loft and regular Ann Taylor. It was dangerous. 🙂

    Right now I keep getting lured to the summer sales. I am officially prohibiting any more “summer dress” purchases. I just cannot stop buying them.

    • So upsetting because I love the print and the material is super comfortable.

      Oooh! I don’t think I could trust myself with an employee discount to both Ann Taylor stores!

      Summer dresses are the best–they’re so versatile and SO easy to throw on!

  4. Haha idk what you were thinking with that dress! But it’s okay, fashion mistakes happen to the best of us 🙂 if the waistline wasn’t cut that way you may have pulled it off with a belt but the shape is kindof nightgowny anyway. Bummer that you paid so much- it was on sale in my store in Texas for half that price!

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