“Life On Earth Is Vanity”

A very unfortunate event brought me to the D.C. area yesterday morning. A long-time family friend tragically lost a beloved nephew. My mom, another good friend of hers, Emily, and I attended a traditional Greek Orthodox church for the funeral. We were taken aback by its exquisiteness; the stained glass windows, the expansive artwork, and the high ceilings livened the spirit on an otherwise dismal day.

Family, friends, and classmates joined together to celebrate the life of Evan Morris. Though a large portion of the mass was in Greek, the priest made a statement that really resonated with my mom, Emily, and me. He said, “Life on earth is vanity.” As human beings, we fixate on trivial matters while the real issues at hand do not receive enough attention. Obviously, no one is perfect, but life is truly too short to focus on minute details in the greater scheme of things. There is no better time than the present to shape the person who you want to be, not the person who you want to become. There might not be a tomorrow, so why waste time being a lesser version of yourself right now? Strive to emulate an admirable figure, but make wise decisions in the mean time. Do not let regret become an option.

Sorry to get all serious! And no, I did not get that out of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Because we felt that the interments and the following processions were a very intimate and personal affair, we didn’t intrude. When the three of us arrived back in the Baltimore area, we were hungry for lunch so we stopped at Atwater’s in Kenilworth. I have always heard great things about the small café, but had yet to visit it.

All of the food is local and extremely fresh—exactly what I look for in a restaurant. I ordered a turkey sandwich with avocado, cole slaw, and pepper jack cheese on sunflower flax bread. It was so good!

turkey jack sandwich

My mom ordered a bacon, avocado, lettuce, and tomato sandwich on pumpernickel raisin bread and Emily ordered their homemade chicken salad sandwich.


chicken salad sandwich

I thought I would do a fashion post after finding myself in a predicament this morning: what to wear to a funeral in the summer?! Confused smile

I quickly pulled together a few things from my closet and ended up with an event-appropriate outfit. Being that my eyes automatically scan a crowd for fashionistas, I couldn’t help but notice that a few girls (and guys!) were anything but appropriate. I fully realize that being stylish is not imperative at a funeral and that it’s rather superficial, but being dressed appropriately is a completely different story. I don’t mean to belittle the horrific event; not only are revealing outfits disrespectful, but they’re also extremely distracting. Staring at the girl in the skin-tight jeans and see-through top was inevitable–don’t even get me started on the guy wearing the baseball hat.

What To Wear to a Funeral:

1. Black, black, black (or dark blue or grey…). Black is customary for funerals to show that you are in mourning, but it’s also so easy to pull off. You can simply throw on a black dress and you’ll be good to go, just make sure that it is modest–bandage dresses are not acceptable (and I don’t care how flat your butt is). If the funeral is taking place during the winter, pair black tights and closed-toe black pumps with the dress. In opposition, if it is taking place during the warmer months, skip the tights and wear a cardigan or blazer on top (bare shoulders are frowned upon in some traditional churches). A patterned top with cropped black pants is fine, too, as long as it’s nothing too bold and distracting.

What To Wear To A Funeral

2. Accessorize Minimally. I love great accessories just as much as the next girl, but you never want to draw too much attention to yourself at such an event. Forgo the statement necklaces; wear a dainty pendant or nothing at all. Leave the big hoops to the hookers at home, and instead choose small, classic pieces. If you want to wear a trendy item, try a fun clutch or a great pair of shoes—only one though, not both!

3. Shoes Are Required. When I saw a girl wearing flip flops to the funeral, I was appalled. When I saw the girl in front of me standing in her bare feet, I was disgusted. My six-inch heels were killing me, but it’s called sucking it up and putting a smile on your face. Beauty is pain. If you can’t bear it, then don’t wear them! Flats are totally acceptable, assuming that they aren’t scuffed up or falling apart. You can’t go wrong with a black pair of shoes, but nude heels are great for the summer. Whatever you do, please just make sure that you keep your shoes on the entire time.

4. Modesty is key. Plunging necklines, mini skirts, and butt-hugging outfits do not belong in a church, much less at a funeral. There will be people of all ages present and you most certainly do not want to offend anyone’s great grandmother, twice removed. Get creative with the items in your closet and make it work. Because the dress I wore hit above my knees, I felt it was necessary to also wear a crisp, black blazer to take away from the fact that it was on the shorter side.

I know this is a bit of a random fashion post, but I was blown away by some of the sights that I saw yesterday!

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