Sugar Babies

I unexpectedly didn’t have to work this morning which allowed me to wake up when my alarm sounded, but stay in bed for an extra 45 minutes. Even though it was glorious, I started to feeling a little guilty, knowing that there was a dishwasher full of clean dishes that had yet to be emptied and a treadmill that had yet to be turned on.

After I crossed off a few to-dos, I got on the treadmill while tuning in to the Today Show. Right as I was turning my television on, Natalie happened to text me about the particular segment. We were both shocked because the content was a bit bold and the discussion was getting controversial. Arianna Huffington was discussing the topic of “sugar babies,” young girls who perform sexual favors in return for money to pay for their college education. However, they are not classified as hookers. Star Jones didn’t hesitate to weigh in to argue that it absolutely is a form of prostitution, but Donny Deustch saw it otherwise. He acknowledged that it is not a respectable thing to do, though he did not believe that these women should be called hookers. Sadly, it is clear that this “trend” is on the rise. I admire those who value an education, but I still think there are other ways to afford it.

sugar babies

I was glad that Bobbie Thomas’ style segment followed; the heated conversation had me thinking, but I like to watch something a little more lighthearted while working out. I needed to bake a batch of cookies as thank you gifts for a few people, so halfway through my workout, I quickly ran upstairs and mixed up some chocolate chip cookies. They baked in the oven while I sweated away on the treadmill. Now that’s what I call multitasking! Winking smile

choc chip cookies

After I finished up my workout, I then had to throw together everything that I needed for the day. When I know I will be out for 8+ hours, I have a tendency to bring everything I might possibly need. Everything then gets shoved into my purse and tossed into a lunchbox. I love essentially only having two things to carry, but they became extremely heavy. Then, while they sit on the passenger seat of my car, they make my seatbelt alarm go off the entire time that I’m driving. That was fun to listen to for 30 minutes today. Of course I could easily put something on the floor, but then I wouldn’t be able to just dump everything in one spot. Eh, the beeping is kinda therapeutic.

heavy seat

I’m cutting this post short because it’s 10pm and I have yet to shower—and I need to get to bed early tonight! There has been a lot running through my mind lately, so I’m hoping to do a serious post this weekend.

What are your thoughts on “sugar babies?”


9 thoughts on “Sugar Babies

  1. So funny you post this because my sister and I were watching this morning as well. My sister was appalled. And I was too. But I think what I was more sad about is that people would ever feel like this is the option they have. I wonder if these girls have been trying to waitress, bartend, or work at starbucks. Are they doing this because its big bucks or because there is because the other options don’t appeal to them?

    • There was a segment on the topic yesterday as well, and from what I concluded, it seems as if these girls want to be free of debt before they even finish college. One girl (who didn’t show her face) simply stated that she didn’t want to have to worry about paying off loans as soon as she graduated. I’m fortunate enough that my parents pay for my education, but I can never imagine stooping to such a low level–when it’s not completely necessary!

  2. This is not right and it’s the first I’m hearing about this! I agree there are other ways to pay for education… like parents or grades in school. I bet these will be the kids who will become parents sooner than most, though can’t make a generalization about a group of people. Do those who do these things not think how those types of things may affect them when they’re done with college, and are entering the real world?! I also can never ever imagine myself doing these things… I don’t blame you for having the same thoughts as me.

    • My main concern is that these young girls won’t move on after their debts are paid off. When money is no longer an issue, I can imagine that these girls would like to continue to lead a luxurious lifestyle. I feel like it would be pretty hard to go back to trying to make ends meet following their college graduation. Quick fixes never work in the long term!

  3. I love the Today Show, too! But don’t you miss Meredith?! 🙂

    What a heartbreaking segment. I don’t know if I should be angry or depressed. What damaging and deep wounds these women will carry in the long run for a short term pay off.

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