Ripping Open Cereal Boxes in Trader Joe’s

Fourteen hours later and I’m finally home! It has been a long day, but I’m so glad that I decided to take care of the bulk of my to-dos today. As usual, I was babysitting bright and early this morning. One of the families that I babysit for has a home gym, so I took full advantage and exercised once I arrived. After covering fifteen miles in two days, I didn’t want to run the risk of getting injured, so I did an extremely easy five miles on the bike.

Knowing that Natalie would need to visit the dogs this morning, I asked Jake, the boy that I was babysitting, if he would like to tag along. He was overly excited by the idea, so we joined my sister and the girl that she was babysitting. Both Jake and Maria are excellent with animals; they instantly gained Tank and Tillie’s attention.

To release some pent-up energy, we thought it would be fun to take the dogs out on a walk. As soon as they were lifted over their invisible fence, Tank and Tillie took off. And when I say took off, I mean that the two of them dragged Natalie and Jake in their dust. Maria and I were laughing hysterically just watching the two of them trying to keep up with the pups.

nat and jake running

Once all four of them were tuckered out, we managed to slow down to a leisurely pace. The sun started to become very apparent, so after several treats, we said our goodbyes to the little speed demons. At least no one was flung into a tree this time!

jake and maria

For lunch today, I made a snack plate which included a few pieces of peppered ham, a veggie burger, baby carrots, yellow pepper slices, and roasted red pepper hummus. I know, I know. It’s quite the oxymoron to have a veggie burger next to pieces of ham, but I’m not a vegetarian, I just really like veggie burgers and meat!

snack plate

After Natalie and I both finished babysitting, we headed out to run what seemed like an endless number of errands. I have been having a panic attack for the past few days because my planner ends on August 3 (how random), meaning that I’ve been making mental notes of any future dates that come my way. I’m traditional in that I like to write everything out, so my Google calendar just won’t cut it! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t ecstatic when I found a great new calendar that’s both functional and cute.

We then went to the library to return a few books as well as check a couple out. For some reason, I always have issues checking out books (remember when the librarian thought I stole someone else’s book??), and this time was no different. Apparently, there was a block put on my library card and I was restricted from checking out any books. In order to fix this issue, I had to provide my license to prove that I am in fact over the age of 18 and I essentially had to do a “library background check.”

We made a couple more stops then somehow ended up at the mall. Really, I don’t know how I even ended up in Anthropologie. Unfortunately for my wallet, I found some great items, including a birthday present for a friend of mine. The stop wasn’t so selfish after all!  Winking smile


One of my mom’s best friends works part-time at a store near Anthropologie in the mall, so we thought there might be a slim chance that she happened to be working at the time. We popped into the store and sure enough, she was there! We chatted for a good fifteen minutes and showed her some of our purchases while catching up.

A trip to the mall isn’t complete unless I walk next door to Trader Joe’s. When I walked down the cereal aisle, I distinctly remembered buying a cereal a few months ago that I had liked. I remembered thinking that it tasted exactly like Cookie Crisp, so when one of the employees asked me if I needed help, I gladly accepted his offer. Since I literally said “I’m looking for a cereal that tastes just like Cookie Crisp,” he was stumped, considering there was no Cookie Crisp equivalent on the shelves. He pulled out his list of cereals, naming every single one of them, in case one of them would ring a bell. Then, he began ripping open various boxes of cereal just so that we could taste-test them! After a few unsuccessful attempts, I walked away empty-handed. I’m a lunatic and extremely embarrassing.

We checked on Tank and Tillie before finally making it home for the night. Now I need to go fold some laundry and transfer dates onto my calendar…late night for me! Eeek!

Did anything funny happen to you today? What was the last thing you bought at the mall?

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