Slap Watch Giveaway

Some of the best weekends are the ones that are spent doing simply nothing. If I’m poolside with a good book, you know I won’t be complaining. Well, unless it’s 100+ degrees outside and the pool water is lukewarm, but that’s beside the point.

Melissa, one of my best friends whom I’ve known since before I was born, came over for a visit yesterday afternoon. We hadn’t had a chance to catch up in a while, so it was nice to have her company to discuss a random assortment of topics. Luckily, I wasn’t puking this time. Among our usual gossip sessions, we also discussed how we couldn’t believe that the years have truly flown by.

colleen and melissa preschool

As cliché as it is, it seems like just yesterday we were playing nukem at the pool and eating chocolate-covered banana popsicles that cost a mere $.25. Somewhere along the way, we attended our senior prom and graduated high school together.

melissa and coll prom

Now it seems like our freshman year of college at the same university was such a long time ago. Unfortunately, we had to end our reminiscing early as Melissa had to work, but it was still a nice Sunday afternoon!

Among the many topics that we covered, we also talked about our love for watches. She and I both are watchaholics, Though I tend to swoon over classic timepieces, I do have an appreciation for funky and unique ones as well. On Friday, I met the owner of 5 Wacky Women, an adorable boutique in the Cockeysville area. Whenever I need a one-of-a-kind gift, 5 Wacky Women is my first choice. I love that the majority of their products are functional, yet cute and girly.

After chatting for a bit, we discovered that her daughter was a former classmate of mine. Baltimore is a one-horse town! Aimee graciously gave me a crystal slap watch which I thought would make a great giveaway. Besides the obvious fact that it’s beyond fun to slap it around your wrist, the slap watch makes it easy to go from one outfit to the next.

slap 1

slap 2

One winner will receive a black, crystalized slap watch, courtesy of 5 Wacky Women. To enter the giveaway, like Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill on Facebook or subscribe to Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill by entering your email address (which can be found on the right-hand side of my blog). Then, leave a comment telling me that you have liked me on Facebook or have subscribed. If you have already liked me on Facebook or have already subscribed, leave a comment telling me that you already like Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill or that you have already subscribed.

slap 3

For an additional entry, you can like me on Facebook and subscribe, but you must leave a separate comment for each.

Please Note:

You do not have to have a blog in order to enter. However, the giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

One winner will be selected at random; the giveaway ends Sunday, August 7, at 11:59pm. 


29 thoughts on “Slap Watch Giveaway

  1. LOVE, Love, love the Blog and definintely “Liked” you on FB! So funny it’s the Slap watch! I just ordered one for my brother in law’s bday gift but was soooo tempted to purchase one for myself!
    This SLAP style has elegant “bling” and the perfect “slap size” for varying wrist proportions. The creative combination of black color, bling, and size is INGENIOUS! It’s like finding the perfect “little black dress” for the wrist! Innovative, sassy, stylish, and practical! I heart this watch! Thanks for posting this and for the give away~

  2. I liked Jimmy Choos on the Treadmill on facebook! I can’t help but read your blogs- you pop up on my news feed and they are rather fascinating, I must say.

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