Models Can Be So Demanding

These past three days have been busy, busy, busy! Between Wednesday and Thursday, I worked a total of 25 hours, so I’ve been crashing at night. A lot has been going on, but it has actually been fun for the most part! Let’s rewind.


Two of the kids that I babysit were in a photo shoot at their house, so I ended up helping out with a lot of it. Naturally, when I picked the kids up from camp, one of them was covered in paper-mache and the other had a fake mustache painted on her face, along with several other silly designs. After the two of them were no longer plastered with art supplies, I changed them into nicer clothes. As you can imagine, no seven-year-old wants to wear clothes that have to stay free of Oreo stains.

The two of them enjoyed taking photos for all of ten minutes, but as soon as they saw their neighbors playing in their backyard, they were itching to roll around in the grass and join in a game of tag. A hissy fit and few meltdowns ensued; models can be so demanding! Winking smile

I can’t reveal much about the photo shoot because of confidentiality, but in the end, it was neat to go behind the scenes and some great photos were taken. A lot goes into photography!

Once a day’s work was finished, all of the kids in my neighborhood came over to my house to go swimming. After taking pictures for over three hours, Finn was not willing to take any more, though the girls were!

Since Natalie was coming home that night from Italy, the girls made a couple cute signs to welcome her. Natalie arrived before I finished babysitting, but my whole family was here to enjoy dinner, drinks, and dessert. She shared a few funny stories with us before heading to bed. We’re glad to have her back! Smile


Thursday wasn’t quite as busy as Wednesday was, but it was the same routine. I only had a little over an hour in between camp pick ups, so instead of driving all the way to the gym, I just went for a run in the area. It was nice to run through a different neighborhood and luckily, I didn’t get lost!

Once again, Camp Kochesfahani opened up and several kids came to play at my house. I was inside making lunch when I heard my dad yelling for my help. Apparently, he decided to go out and buy a new grill because we somehow misplaced our old one. Who just loses a grill?! Only my family.

With the help of my brother and his friend Ryan, the four of us hoisted the huge grill out of his truck and successfully transferred it to our patio. My dad also had us help him relocate our treadmill to the basement; let’s just say that though no one got hurt, I had several visions of the treadmill rolling down the steps and taking me out. And yes, I considered those two tasks to be my source of weightlifting for the day.

For lunch, I made my favorite smoothie. Guess who wanted one as well?! Zoe and Maria! I quickly blended together a chocolate-covered banana smoothie for them to share and they loved it. Like Maria said, “You can’t even taste the spinach!”


Surprisingly, I had most of the day off on Friday. I took Abby to camp in the morning then headed home and sure enough, I saw my little friend again!! I didn’t pull over and stalk her this time–I’m sure I will next week though. In place of spending the day lounging by the pool and being lazy, I actually took care of a lot of blog-related business. I’m glad I did because some exciting stuff is coming! With that being said, be sure to check back later this weekend because I will be doing a giveaway! Don’t miss out!

I stayed in last night to enjoy dinner out on my deck with my mom and to catch up with Natalie and her boyfriend. I threw together a stir fry in a matter of minutes and devoured it in a matter of seconds. 🙂

Now I am going to head out to the pool to relax!


4 thoughts on “Models Can Be So Demanding

  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! I nanny part-time and it never ceases to amaze me how much the kids are influenced by what they see me eating. They will literally eat ANYTHING if it comes off of my plate!

    Those baby corns in your stir-fry are so cute! I love miniature veggies. I think they taste better–haha! 🙂

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