What To Wear To A Summer Party

If you’re a female and care the slightest bit about what you look like, I can almost guarantee that you’ve stood in front of a closet filled with clothes, yet had “nothing” to wear. The summer months are prime times for parties, so I’m sure you’re bound to face this issue soon, if you haven’t yet already. Here are a few ideas so that you can easily pick out the perfect outfit the next time you get an invite!

What To Wear To A Summer Party…

On the Beach:

Comfort is key on the beach. Maxi dresses are ideal because they are hassle-free, easy to wear, and super stylish. Plus, contrary to popular belief, they work on nearly every body type–even people who are petite. Hoop earrings are cute and unlike most other jewelry, they aren’t extremely delicate.

For a BBQ:

You don’t want to be overdressed for a BBQ, but you don’t want to look sloppy either. White pants are a staple during the summer. Opt for a slim pair; flared white pants aren’t the most flattering and will have you stuck in the 70s. A bright colored tunic is fun, and sandals are comfortable enough to wear for several hours.

At the Bar:

In my opinion, bar attire can be the trickiest during the summer months. Summer wear is supposed to be simple. Like I-just-walked-off-the-beach-and-threw-this-on kind of simple. Leave the tight dresses and stilettos for the fall. Instead, pair a light and airy dress with pretty earrings and a great pair of wedges.

I hope you enjoyed this fashion post!


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