Ketchup Stains

Yesterday morning, Ali and I went down to the beach after breakfast. I read through the newest issue of People magazine, but when it got too hot, I did the unthinkable. I actually went in the ocean. Ali loves to dive through waves while I like to bask in the sun. I hate to admit it, but the water was actually refreshing and we stayed in the ocean for quite some time. When we saw some little fishies jumping in and out of the water next to us, we swam back to the shore–I was not trying to have an allergic reaction.

After only about an hour of beach time, the lifeguards called everyone out of the water. Dark clouds were forming in the background and it was evident that a storm was near. We packed up our stuff and went back to our condo just before a huge storm came through.

I had the crazy idea to go shopping, so I begged Ali to go along with me. Because she only agreed to go close by, we drove up the street to check out the shops in the Village of Fenwick.

Though I was tempted to buy a comfy sweatshirt, I restrained and instead spent my money on something much better: frozen yogurt. A new frozen yogurt shop, HaHa’s, recently opened, so we were obviously eager to taste it. It was phenomenal. I picked out red velvet cake, Irish mint, and cookies n’ cream frozen yogurt then topped it with Reese’s cups, Heath bar bits, crushed cake pieces, and pretzel M&M’s. We were stuck inside because it was monsooning outside, so clearly we had to go all out.

Once we were fully drenched, we went back home then walked over to our neighbor’s house. My whole family ended up walking over to enjoy drinks and a salsa dip that my mom made. My neighbors are the best; we always have a good time with them! Unfortunately, my dad, Ali, and I had to leave early so that we could make it back to Baltimore at a reasonable hour.

To prepare for her driving test, Ali offered to drive home. I was thankful because that meant I could spend the three-hour drive playing ridiculous games on my iPad. I’m sure the people driving next to us thought I was nuts as I was tilting and shaking the tablet. I was just trying to beat my highest score on SkyBurger.

We made a quick stop for some food then eventually made it home a little before 11pm. Towards the end of the drive, I was starting to feel ill. I think the french fries were a bad choice! I was so exhausted that I went to sleep wearing a shirt that had ketchup stains on it (the stains weren’t from me–I was carrying a toddler and he smeared his condiment-covered hands all over me).

It was such a fun weekend and I did not want to leave the beach at all!


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