Too Much Maui Wowie

Ali, Brian, and I went to the beach yesterday morning and lucked out by finding a spot near the water. With the sweltering temperatures and the high humidity, I couldn’t bear lying on a towel in the burning sand. There was a cool breeze coming off of the water, making it feel refreshing on the beach.

Just as I was about to pick up my book to read, we all felt raindrops on our heads. We were planning on waiting out the rain, but then it started to pour and we heard thunder in the distance. The beach clears out fast upon the first rumble of thunder. Soaking wet and paler than ever, the three of us came back to my condo to get some lunch.

I made a quick veggie burger in the oven and paired it with some carrots and hummus. The next several hours were spent lounging on the sofa, so it was only natural that many handfuls of snacks were consumed.

The rain eventually did clear out, but I was too lazy to go back out. Instead, I played with my neighbors (there are nine children among two houses!) and watched a few episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

This weekend, Dew Tour is being held in Ocean City. I went a couple of years ago when it was in Baltimore and it was a lot of fun, so I looked into going again this year. We decided not to buy tickets, but Ali and Brian were eager to go to the concert last night. Being that Kid Cudi was performing for free, I was more than willing to chaperone the two of them. Okay—so not really chaperone—more like participate in the craziness with them.

I didn’t want to deal with trying to find parking, so my dad dropped my siblings and me off at the boardwalk. I felt like I was back in 7th grade again! Meeting up with friends on the boardwalk was huge when I was in middle school, so it was a big deal when my parents finally let me go alone.

We arrived just as the skateboarding finals were coming to an end. We checked out the sculptures on the beach then watched the finalists skate their last rounds and cheered on Bucky Lasek, who is from Baltimore.

Ali, Brian, and I wiggled our way through the crowd on the beach and found a great spot, until a couple of much taller guys completely obstructed our view. We tried to make the best of it while we listened to The Deans List on stage, but the guy in front of me smelled like a wet dog. I was gagging and couldn’t take it anymore; we weaved in and out and eventually made it back onto the boardwalk.

While we were taking our breather, we met up with Natalie’s boyfriend and friend (Natalie wasn’t with us because she is in Italy). Taylor insisted that we follow him as he led us to the front of the stage. We almost made it all the way through, but then we lost track of him. Being packed like sardines behind a tall guy who was jumping up and down was ideal, but we decided to make our way back out again. By this point, we unanimously agreed that it was better standing on the outskirts, as we could actually see the performers. After The Deans List, The Cool Kids came on stage, and then finally, Kid Cudi was up there.

About midway through, none of us were feeling that great, so we ventured back up to the boardwalk. Brian was determined to find a local spot (that he apparently frequents) for shaved ice. We found the place after a few minutes of walking and ordered egg custard shaved ice to split. The cold treat was the perfect way to rejuvenate us.

We walked back to the concert and between the combination of wiggling and getting pushed, we made our way to the side of the stage, with a great view of Kid Cudi.

Overall, the concert was a lot of fun. However, it was also extremely wild. People were throwing bottles, shoes, and people (yes, people) the entire time. Rude and immature people were even throwing things at the performers and booing them. I didn’t know the opening acts either, but they’re opening for Kid Cudi. Kid Cudi! I’m pretty sure that’s cooler than being an idiot in the crowd tossing my flip flop at the stage.

An illegal scent was also wafting through the air and bottles of 21-and-over drinks were littered all over the beach. Someone even threw a cigarette into the crowd and it burned my shoulder! I understand that people want to have a good time, but it was an all-ages event. And I mean all ages. A couple had their toddler in a stroller in the middle of the crowd! He yelled at us when we tried to pass by him, worrying that we would accidentally hurt his daughter. Uh hello! What the hell is she doing there in the first place?

The concert ended a little before 11:30pm and you can bet I was exhausted by that point. To beat the crowd, Ali, Brian, and I walked on the [soft] sand for a little over a mile. Nothing like a little workout at night! 😉

We knew trying to catch a bus downtown would be impossible, so we kept on walking to avoid the boardwalk traffic. We came off the beach and made our way to Coastal Highway. I noticed a group of people behind us and I thought I recognized one of the girls, but I didn’t want to seem like a creepy person late at night. When we slowed down to wait at a bus stop, I realized that I really did know her! It was my friend Hannah from high school, who I always run into! Well, to get technical, I always randomly spot her before she sees me.

We all walked together for another 20 blocks before my sister called my dad. The buses were packed, so none of them were stopping to let people on and taxis weren’t stopping either. Talking to Hannah while walking made the time pass by quickly, but we still had a long way to go and I was covered in sweat (don’t worry, so was everyone else at the concert). My dad willingly came to our rescue after we walked over 45 blocks—about five miles! Of course my dad completely drove past us, so we had to jump up and down and chase after him.

I took a cold shower when I came home then crashed in my bed! What a night!


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