Gas or Pedicure?

Whew! Today was a prime example of just how crazy my job can get. Over the past couple of years, my clientele has grown immensely. I started out occasionally babysitting my neighbors, but now I regularly take care of a little over 20 kids. Given my experience and responsibilities, I do far more than just babysitting.

I job-hopped today, first starting out babysitting a set of twins. After I finished up there, I had a little bit of time before I had to do camp pick-ups. I planned to go get a manicure and pedicure, but when I got in my car, an all too familiar light came on. Great. I’m out of gas.

I had a limited amount of cash with me, and seeing as I still didn’t have my credit card, I had a decision to make. Gas or pedicure? Gas or pedicure?

Obviously, I think you know which one I chose. The pedicure.

Okay, just kidding. Reluctantly, I handed my cash over to the attendant and watched my money turn into gasoline.

I was going to stop in Old Navy to kill time, but then realized that I would be too tempted to buy something with the money that I didn’t have. Instead, I headed next door to Border’s and read a few magazines.

After I got my dosage of celebrity gossip, I picked up Finn from his art camp. He was starving by the time I got him, so we made a mad dash to Whole Foods to get him lunch (I used my emergency money that I keep in my car). I then quickly ran into Amazing Glaze to pick up the pottery that Zoe and I painted. Her golf ball turned out really well, but the perfectionist in me is annoyed by a few mess-ups on my plate.

I then had to rush back to the same place where I picked up Finn to pick up Ryan from tennis camp. I dropped Ryan off at home, then brought Finn to my house so that I could make a fast lunch before it was time to leave again. I made a Dr. Praeger’s California veggie burger with cucumber slices on the side for lunch. These veggie burgers are really good–I think they taste and smell like egg rolls. Kind of weird, but I’m fine with it! Oh, and check out the onions shaped into the letter “C.” Totally did that on purpose. πŸ˜‰

Once I finished eating, we were out the door again. For the third time today, I drove to the same place to do a third pick-up. This time, I was picking up Finn’s twin sister (different set of twins from this morning). Because the temperatures were reaching 100Β° this afternoon, I wanted to keep the kids out of the heat so we just hung out at home for a while. Then it was time to go back out again!

I originally was supposed to be picking up a fourth child from camp, but the plan changed at the last minute. I took Finn and Lexie to the speech pathologist, then it was finally time to get off work. Things get crazy sometimes, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My dad and I arrived home at the same time and luckily, we both decided that we wanted to keep dinner simple. Since I didn’t need to cook (my dad is great in the kitchen, but I don’t trust his cooking. He once made spaghetti with a “special” sauce; I later discovered that he had added syrup to it. And that was way before Buddy the Elf came around), I went out yet again to swing by the library and to finally get my nails done. The spa that I normally go to closes early on weeknights, so I just went to a nearby nail salon.

I picked random colors–a dark blue for my toes and a light pink for my nails. Regardless, I’m glad that they are finally polished!

Of course my dad called me while I was out, asking if I could pick up a can of kidney beans. With still wet nails, I very gently–and very slowly–pieced together 93 cents. Being strapped for cash is not fun!

When I came home, all I wanted was a smoothie for dinner! Another double-chocolate smoothie was on the menu! It was so big that it wouldn’t fit in any of my bowls, so I resorted to using my mom’s Pfaltzgraff serving bowl. Hope you don’t mind, Mom. πŸ™‚

Now I’m lounging on the sofa, getting sucked into watching some ridiculous game show!

Do you babysit? Or did you ever babysit when you were younger?


8 thoughts on “Gas or Pedicure?

  1. Hey! I just found your blog and really like it! The manicure/pedicure vs. gas situation is too funny. I really like the colors you chose. Russian Navy by OPI is one of my all time favorites and I went through a long time where I constantly got that on my toes, so I’m a fan of your pedicure color. And the plate and golf ball are both great! I want to go to a pottery painting place now. Maybe this weekend…

    • Thanks! I’m glad you like it! When I picked out the color for my toes, I originally thought it was Russian Navy, but it was actually a little lighter. Painting pottery is so much fun because it’s functional art! O hope you get the chance to go πŸ™‚

  2. I used to babysit a lot when I was younger. I had one family wtih 7 kids that I babysat for a long while (and am now going to one of their weddings in August – scary!) and another family with 4 kids that I babysat for since the oldest was born and she is now old enough to stay home with the others by herself – it’s so fun watching them grow up but so sad when they don’t need me anymore!

    Props to you for running around crazy with all those kids!

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