Tangled With Twigs

The weather and temperature this morning was just perfect for a run, so I thought I would take Boog along with me. That idea failed pretty quickly when he refused to go past the end of his driveway. Even though I had removed his shock collar, he was still wary of his invisible fence. I would have tried to carry him, but figured that I would just move onto my next victim.

Boog won't budge

While Boog was more than apprehensive, Jackson practically knocked me over with excitement. The minute he saw me pull out his leash, he was jumping for joy–literally. I’m well aware that he has a lot of energy, but what I didn’t know was that he would be so eager to go out with me. By the time I made it over there, it was 10am, meaning the sweltering heat had kicked in.

We had a steady pace going for a while, then Jackson had other plans. The second he spotted a dog in the distance, he took off. As in he sprinted towards the other dog, dragged me behind him, and yanked his leash as I flew into a huge tree branch. I made skid marks in the grass and my hair was tangled with twigs, yet the other dog’s owner just laughed. Sure, it might have been funny to see, but REALLY?

To make up for his little stunt, Jackson tried to come running back to me. But no, I ignored him the rest of the run as we completed a total of two miles. I was not a very happy camper.

My Ironman watch also decided to be affected by water all of a sudden, thus leaving me unable to easily check the time while on my run. Of course I still have to wear the broken piece since I have an awful watch tan line. So apparently I really do need a new watch!

I attempted to ease my disheveled state by going for a swim with Ali and Brian. Well, to get technical, Ali and I swam while Brian threw soccer balls at our heads, hoping to knock us under the water. He might have been successful three or four times. Or five.

For a cold snack poolside, I had a small bowl of watermelon. Yum!

We then all watched the women’s soccer game and enjoyed being lazy for just a little bit.

I visited Boog once more; I think he was still mad that I tried to get him to cross the line of danger. He was giving me the death stare.

Afterward, Ali and I went to get snowballs at Snoasis. We both ordered a fireball snowball with marshmallow in the middle. I don’t like getting messy–aka spilling half of my snowball down the front of my white shirt–so I asked them to put a small serving in a medium cup. Great idea! I completely avoided “the mound.”

Unfortunately, Ali and I both agreed that it was far too sweet and wished that we ordered it without the marshmallow. We only ate about half of it before deciding that the snowballs were a bad idea. At least we’ll know for next time!


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