Elbow-Deep In Crab Guts

Yesterday afternoon was spent just as planned–laying by the pool. I finished all but two chapters in Something Blue and enjoyed a bowl of yogurt with berries for a snack.

Since I had dog-duty all weekend, I didn’t make any big plans, knowing that my time would be restricted. When my friend Jamie invited me over for a crab feast and cookout, which was actually an evil ploy (keep reading), I was more than game.

Before heading to Jamie’s house, I made my rounds visiting Buddha, Bear, Jackson, and last but not least, Boog.

Doesn't he look regal?

As soon as I arrived to the crab feast, I was put to work, as was just about everyone else. Jamie’s uncle prepared and cooked the live  blue crabs while the rest of us formed an assembly line.

Don’t ask why, but Jamie needed 30 yellow t-shirts to magically turn into an Indian costume. Jamie’s sister, Val, cut the ends of the shirts and the rest of us put beads on the frayed pieces. We were fed only after we made a significant dent in the costume-making. You think I’m kidding. I’m not. Jamie is a slave driver.

Because I’m sometimes allergic to shellfish, including crabs, I initially settled with a hamburger. After Old Bay seasonings wafted towards me, I realized that I couldn’t resist. I enjoyed two large crabs with vinegar on the side. I was glad that I didn’t hold back; they were so good and it was only my second time having crabs this summer.

Don’t mind the recycled photo; it’s a little hard to snap a picture when you’re elbow-deep in Old Bay and crab guts. 🙂

Once I was stuffed full from plenty of desserts, including cheesecake and coconut cake, I left so that I could attend to my temporary pets. The rest of the night was spent reading the newest issue of US Weekly and passing out before 11pm.

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever had crabs before–do you like them?


2 thoughts on “Elbow-Deep In Crab Guts

  1. I used to love crabs until I developed a shellfish allergy a few years back. Bummer!

    Oh gosh, and there is nothing better than reading tabloids to relax. Celebrity gossip is my guiltiest pleasure 🙂

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