The Perfect Friday

Today was a busy, but really fun day! Because I knew that I would be out for a while, I wanted to eat a substantial breakfast. I made a breakfast pizza consisting of one whole egg, several egg whites, red peppers, onions, and Swiss cheese. I ate a peach on the side, which was SO good. I’m picky about peaches–I don’t like the ones with a lot of, err, peach fuzz–but this particular peach was perfect. They’re my current fruit of choice!

Zoe, my long-time neighbor who I babysit, came over early this morning. Her brother was in camp all day, so we deemed today as a “girls’ day.” We went to the mall to start the day off with some shopping.

Zoe was a good sport; she hung by my side as I scoped out several racks of clothing and the never-ending display cases of jewelry at Nordstrom. She even talked me out of making some unnecessary purchases, pointing out that I already own similar items.

No, Colleen, you do not need another white watch.

Although I put aside the white Michele watch that I was extremely tempted to purchase, I remembered that I never bought my dad his Father Day’s gift. I found him a great watch that I personally loved.

While looking around, I also spotted a watch that my mom might like. Since she always steals borrows one of Ali’s Michael Kors’ watches, I thought she would be thrilled to receive one of her own. I initially thought that I would put it away and give it to her on her birthday, but I couldn’t resist giving it to her this afternoon. She has been going through some stressful experiences lately, so why wouldn’t she enjoy receiving a present randomly?

Both of my parents absolutely loved their gifts, so I’d say it was a successful shopping trip. Of course I couldn’t leave the mall without buying a few things for myself. I picked up an adorable silver bracelet as well a pair of Frye boots that have me itching for the fall. You can never have enough shoes, right?

I was disappointed by the current selection at J.Crew and Anthropologie; J.Crew was wiped out of their summer clothing while Anthropologie’s inventory was only so-so.

Before leaving the mall, Zoe and I went to Pottery Barn so that I could get some inspiration for my bedroom. I’m in the process of redecorating, but haven’t decided exactly how I want to design things.

We left the mall then headed to Amazing Glaze, a studio where you can pick out pottery then paint it. I had trouble deciding what I wanted to paint, but eventually settled on an adorable little plate. Zoe chose to paint a golf ball (which she plans on giving to her dad) that was really neat! We spent nearly two hours meticulously painting. I can’t wait for our pieces to be ready next week!

By the time we finished being little artists, we were starving! We walked next door to Whole Foods, where Zoe bought a pretzel roll to snack on. I wanted to wait to eat at home, so I passed up the delicious array of desserts. I was tempted to buy some of the pretty flowers though!


After eating lunch at home (I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich that went unpictured), we went out to my backyard to go swimming. Before jumping in the pool, I did a little reading.

I’m loving my book so far! Today ended up being the perfect Friday, but now I’m going to go attend to a few furry friends…


10 thoughts on “The Perfect Friday

  1. Love your blog! I LOVE something blue as well…did you read something borrowed first? I wish ms giffin would write another book–I’ve read them all, some more than once! she does an incredible job of capturing relationships.

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