I’ve Got A Seacret

First things first. I was feeling a little devilish tonight, so I hacked into my sister’s blog and graciously did a guest post for her. I then proceeded to log into her Facebook account and upload the link. She’ll thank me later. Besides, she’s busy being a tourist in Italy; I have no remorse.

Now that I got that off of my chest, I can get back to my beach recap. On Sunday, I was determined to finally make a dent in my book. It’s so hard to read when you’re surrounded by friends, and let’s get real–Ocean City is probably the number one place to people watch. I’m currently reading Something Blue from the encouragement of others. Though I didn’t read the first book in the series, I did see the movie.

After a few hours of pretending to read, I was itching to get moving, but I sure as hell wasn’t going back in the ocean. I convinced Ali to go on another beach run with me, which ended up being really difficult! We alternated between running, walking, and sprinting over the course of four miles. There’s something so liberating (and motivating) about running in a bathing suit without wearing tennis shoes.

It was dinnertime when we finished up, so we headed home for a healthy dinner that I failed to document. It included a taco salad and chicken in a zesty mango marinade. Delicious!

Everyone then changed out of their sandy beachwear and put on something more presentable. We called a cab (unfortunately this one didn’t come with a cold beer) and met up with some more of Jen’s friends.

After a little pregaming, we were more than ready to walk a few blocks to Seacrets, a restaurant, bar, nightclub, and beachclub all rolled into one.

Seacrets is an infamous must-see in the area, so I was excited to have my first experience there. I was blown away by its size and overall atmosphere–I truly felt like I was on an island! Jen’s friend, Nooshin, suggested that I order their Dirty Banana as soon as we entered and I’m glad I did. It was so flavorful and tasted almost like I was drinking a healthy banana smoothie!

With drinks in hand, we made our way to the dance floor and spent most of our time sandwiched in between sweaty men laughing and dancing to the music. Balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling, but they all popped before I could catch one. To take a break from the stickiness, we walked out onto the dock and saw a few boats go by in the distance.

We left just before closing, but overall, it was a blast!


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