Atlantic Ocean vs. My Bikini

Because of our busy and conflicting schedules, it is rare that my entire family is at the beach together. However, it seems like we always somehow end up with a full house. Someone is always in need of a place to sleep, and my family is usually more than willing to offer a spare bed.

While it’s fun to be with a lot of friends, it’s not so fun to wake up at the crack of dawn with nowhere to go. Waking up at 7am wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t first have to crawl to the end of my bed, climb down the bedpost, and leap over the person sleeping on the trundle. And that’s just to get out of my room. It’s not even possible to pour a bowl of cereal without waking up the sleeping beauties on the pullout sofa in the kitchen. So what’s a girl to do? Lay in bed for three hours and reflect on all of my thoughts until 10am rolls around, when everyone finally starts stirring.

I’m not complaining, just cursing my inability to sleep until a normal hour. Once everyone was up and moving, I headed out for a run with my sister Ali (who was sleeping at our neighbor’s over the weekend) and Zach, Jen’s boyfriend. We ran along Coastal Highway then parted ways when I spotted a GNC store. I stopped in there intending to buy a small canister of protein powder, but walked out with a huge, five-pound tub instead.

So yes, I walked nearly eight blocks along Coastal Highway with a ridiculously large container of protein powder. I’m butch. After I dropped off the year’s worth supply of muscle fuel, I went back out to finish up my workout, completing about three miles in total.

After my run, I quickly showered, made a smoothie (had to get cracking on all of that protein powder!) then met up with everyone on the beach. I’m not going to lie, I am not a fan of the ocean. At all. The freezing cold water, the slimy creatures, and the mysterious objects floating around? Not my thing. Oh, and let’s not forget the ginormous waves. That’s right, the waves that I am not equipped for.

Somehow, I lost sight of all of my reservations and was persuaded by Zach, Jessica, and Ali to step foot in the water. Then I was dragged in. I actually didn’t mind the ocean (can you believe it?!) as it was uncharacteristically calm–that is until I made an attempt to get back to the shore.

Note to self: never, ever, EVER dare get near the water when wearing a skimpy bikini. In the fight of the Atlantic Ocean versus my strapless bathing suit top, the ocean won by a landslide. And that is why the water and I do not mesh.

I willingly got off the beach early in the afternoon so that I could be the first to shower. We made plans to go to Dewey Beach in the evening, so our day in the sun was shortened.

We arrived in Dewey by 5:3opm and immediately walked over to Bottle & Cork, a mostly outdoor venue that hosts great bands. On Saturdays during the summer, the place is bustling with crowds for Jam Session.

We had fun dancing for several hours while enjoying drinks and the live music. By 9:00pm, we were getting increasingly tired and our stomachs were growling.

We walked a block and stopped at a favorite pizza spot, Grotto Pizza. We ordered one Hawaiian pizza and one cheese pizza; while they were both tasty, I preferred the ham and pineapple combination.

After finishing up our food, we were ready to make the drive back to Ocean City, but Zach’s step-brother convinced us otherwise. He is a regular Dewey Beach goer, so he assured us that Northbeach would be a good way to end the night.

I loved Northbeach’s location; it was only a few blocks away, but it was right on the water and secluded. Unlike at Bottle & Cork, the main source of entertainment at Northbeach was a girl in a white bikini. I’m not sure you could say she was dancing, but rather compulsively moving. When the song “Whip My Hair” came reverberating through the speakers, her long braids sure were moving back and forth. It was quite the site.

Then again, I probably looked just as weird. I had the hiccups for a solid 30 minutes, and you bet I was trying every trick in the book to beat the annoyance to no avail. We ended the night a little after 11pm so that we could make it home in time for curfew. πŸ˜‰ Oh, how I don’t miss the days of being a young one in high school.

I’d like to say that we all kept our designated driver company on the drive home, but that would be a total lie. Four of us were crammed in the backseat, and we all almost instantly passed out upon buckling our seat belts. Zach even snapped a picture of Jen and Tanya, but I’ll spare the two of them the embarrassment. And for the record, he fell asleep right after he uploaded the picture to Facebook.


10 thoughts on “Atlantic Ocean vs. My Bikini

  1. Thank you for sparing Jen and I!

    P.S. I woke up at 8 am each day waiting for someone to wake up!!! Next time we should sneak out haha

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