Cold Beer In Cabs?

Tequila Mockingbird

After spending a day in the sun, we were ready for a night filled with good food and good company. Jen’s friend, Kristen, and coworker, Lauren, came over before we all walked a few blocks to Tequila Mockingbird. It was our first time visiting the restaurant, and though we had a long wait, the food was well worth it.

I held off from ordering a drink to ensure that I would have plenty of room for dinner, but I only ended up eating about half of my meal anyway. I ordered a grilled chicken veggie wrap which was delicious! It was filling, flavorful, and relatively healthy. I loved that the food was fresh and authentic, unlike most Mexican restaurants which only serve greasy cuisine. The lighting was really dark, so the picture of my food unfortunately did not turn out.

Me, Lauren, Kristen, Jessica, and Jen

By the time that we had finished up dinner, Jen’s boyfriend arrived along with her roommate and her roommate’s boyfriend. The three of them had to work on Friday, so they didn’t make it to Ocean City until nearly 9pm. We met them back at our condo and enjoyed drinks while they quickly showered.

Dead Freddies

A few more friends made their way over, then we finally called a cab–which was actually the size of a bus. It was big enough to fit ten of us, and a few of the girls found an unopened, cold beer in the back! How sweet would it be if all cabs came equipped with cold drinks? We didn’t want to wait in a long line, so we opted to check out a newer restaurant and bar, Dead Freddies.

Despite the fact that the place wasn’t packed, we still managed to run into several people we knew. We had a lot of fun dancing and simply enjoying the atmosphere. Dead Freddies had an outdoor bar and deck, which was perfect for a warm summer night.

We called it a night shortly before the bar closed, and we instantly fell asleep once we arrived home. Overall, it was a great night!


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