Well, I’m an idiot.

It has been really bothering me that I was a day behind in blogging, and now I’m two days behind, which is extra annoying! Despite wanting to blog and get caught up, I had to make an executive decision last night. I was mentally and physically tired, so when 9:45pm–the only free time I had all day–rolled around, I knew it would be best for me to get to sleep early.

Not much has gone on, except for my usual antics. Let’s rewind to Monday morning. I started out doing a circuit of weights at home, but quickly decided that I just wasn’t into it. I knew that if I didn’t exercise right then and there, then my workout would be pushed to the side for the rest of the day. I tried, and tried, and tried to convince Natalie to join me on a walk, but she was unyielding. She wanted to keep herself planted on the sofa, and to be honest, I couldn’t blame her.

By the time I finally forced myself out the door, I only had about 50 minutes before needing to leave to do a camp pickup. Naturally it started raining the second I got to the end of my very long driveway. I was determined though, and easily brushed off the raindrops. A wave of energy passed through me–it definitely wasn’t my music as I kept changing my Pandora station in hopes of finding something motivating–and I suddenly felt the urge to run.

Not really sure where I was going (or what I was doing running for that matter), I decided to take a route that I hadn’t explored in a while. Fourteen minutes later, I was beyond excited to see the restaurant signaling that I had run two miles. Then I made a silly decision. One that I have made too many times before.

Next to the restaurant, there is a big park with a nature center and hiking trails. The second entrance is near my house, but still a good distance away. For whatever reason, I always think that I will arrive to my destination sooner if I just cut through the park. Well, I’m an idiot. I should know by now that even though there are signs, I still always get lost and it takes me forever.

I originally started taking the path with the red markers, but then decided that the blue trail sounded like the correct one. So, I doubled back and stood at the fork, asking myself, “Red or blue?” A cute little old Asian man saw my puzzled expression as he offered some help. He reassured me that the blue trail would take me to the main entrance, so he led the way. We continued to hike together and he made a few funny comments before abruptly saying “Okay! Bye! Have a nice day!”

He then ran off…until he was about 50 feet in front of me. He seemed to be making an attempt to catch up to his wife, but she was on a mission and was not slowing down to wait for him. Now I know why I always get lost here; eventually you end up in a huge clearing, where the signs are sparse and there’s a path in every which direction. Luckily, the man looked behind him to ensure that I was still following him, and we were once again side by side.

Once we spotted his wife in the distance, he took off down a yellow path and I continued along the blue path. By this point, the time was ticking and I seriously needed to get home. The water bottle that I chugged beforehand was becoming a bad idea, and I had 10 minutes to get to the kids’ camp (which was 20 minutes away). Oh, and I had a mile and a half to run home first. Still nervous that I might not make it out of the woods alive, I was overjoyed when I could see the road and came out through the clearing that was on top of a hill.

Seeing that I was running late–literally–I called Natalie on my way down the ginormous hill. I begged her to come to my rescue as I sprinted through the information center, scaring the woman working in there with my urgency.

When I saw Natalie pull in the entrance way, I was more than grateful, but I also had to laugh, thinking that this happens to me way too frequently. Remember when I was lost in the woods without a cellphone and beyond late for work? Yeah, good times.

Let’s hope I’ve finally learned my lesson. Next time I’ll be sure to have nothing scheduled afterwards.


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