Give Me Back My Damn Book!

You know what time you should never set your alarm clock for? 3:45am. However, 3:50am is totally acceptable. Being that I was the only one home on Tuesday, I volunteered was obligated to take my dad to the airport. A forty-five minute drive coupled with an early morning flight meant that I would be setting my alarm at a ridiculously early hour.

Being the perfectionist that I am, I insisted on packing my dad’s suitcase. I paired together a matching shirt and bottom for each day of his vacation and double checked that he had all of the necessities. Yes, he is a grown man. And yes, I also packed him healthy airplane snacks.

Even though I made it to bed extremely late, I actually slept for more than 40 minutes, unlike before my trip to Mexico. After saying our goodbyes, we both went on our separate ways: my dad to Las Vegas, and me to Cockeysville. They’re pretty comparable.

The sun was only peeking out, and I was fighting to keep my eyes open on the drive home. I blasted the music to deafening levels, but it was still a struggle. I was thankful that I arrived home safely! Mentally, I wanted to squeeze in a yoga session before going to work, but I couldn’t physically do it. Instead, I watched an episode of Rookie Blue on demand–an odd choice when I wanted something relaxing at 6am, but I felt much better afterwards!

Fast forward to a few hours later, and I was having a full-on argument with a librarian. I was picking up a book that I had placed on hold, but I didn’t feel like fishing through my Mary Poppins purse, so I attempted to check out the book on the kids’ library card.

Since the book was on hold under my name, the machine wouldn’t let me check it out under another card. The librarian came over to us to see what the problem was, and before I could explain the situation to her, she started grabbing the book out of my hand. She was under the misconception that I had stolen the book off the hold shelf, and was trying to take another person’s book.

After some convincing, as in showing her identification, she finally handed the book over to me. Then she tried to comment on my book selection, stating that I made a great choice. The nerve! Why are librarians always so mean?!

Time to watch some ridiculous show. It’s a hybrid between The Bachelor and Survivor–should be awful.


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