Exercise Tips From A 9-Year-Old

On Friday, I acted as a stand-in parent and arrived to Zoe’s American Girl Doll Camp early so that I could see the display that she made. She made a backyard scene, equipped with edible-looking lemonade and hotdogs. I loved seeing her hard work come to fruition as she proudly explained to me her methods in creating each piece.

Later that afternoon, I stumbled upon a few things from my childhood in an old bookcase, so I thought I would show Zoe. When she saw my yearbook from 1997, when I was in kindergarten, she was blown away by the black and white photos, the horrible hairstyles, and the hilarious outfit choices. She also exclaimed “Wow! You’re so old!” I tried telling her that I’m only 20, but considering she is half my age, I suppose I seem ancient to her!

Among the junk treasures that I’ve kept over the years, I also found a hand-painted plastic briefcase thing containing an assortment of Lisa Frank stickers, cards, notepads, and folders. Zoe had never even heard of Lisa Frank! Did you collect Lisa Frank stationary? Along with gel pens, the brightly patterned supplies were all the rage in elementary school.

I also found some posters and pictures from a J-14 magazine. I’m glad boy bands are no longer a fad. And when was the last time that Aaron Carter was even relevant?

All of the reminiscing made me hungry! I really wanted to try a new mustard that I recently bought, so I made a provolone and peppered ham sandwich on a toasted English muffin. While the spicy dijon mustard was delicious, it sure was spicy! Zoe laughed at me as it burned my nose and made my eyes water.

In the evening, I again took on the role of a supporting parent and attended the awards ceremony for Jake’s basketball camp. After the awards were given, there was a competition for the campers. Each player would have one chance to take a shot from the half court line. A fifty-dollar bill was up for grabs, but there was a catch. If someone made the shot, he or she would get the money, but if another camper also made the shot, then no one would win.

After about forty shots were missed, the chances of someone making it were looking slim. I was proved wrong when one of the last players made an amazing basket, making the other players go wild with excitement. The little boy went home rich!

Because I would be staying late with Jake, the movies sounded like a good idea. We decided on seeing Mr. Popper’s Penguins, which was actually hilarious. There was a lot of adult humor that was fully appreciated by everyone in the theater over the age of 15. Jim Carey didn’t disappoint, and there was a meaningful message in the storyline.

We arrived home from the movies relatively early, so I took the opportunity to exercise in their home gym. I fit in two miles on the treadmill while reading Clean Eating magazine and three miles on the bike. Shortly after, Jake decided that he too wanted to work out. I picked up a few great exercise tips from him.

First of all, he made his exercise environment fun and entertaining. He had the television angled perfectly towards him, playing one of his favorite shows, and the lights were out to mimic a movie theater. Mind you it was 10:41pm, he had already played basketball for seven hours that day, and it was Friday night.

So how exactly did he have all of this energy? Besides the fact that he is 9 years old and is usually bouncing off the walls, he implemented some basics: he had a Gatorade with him to hydrate, and was chomping away on a bag of pretzels–while pedaling at full speed on the bike–to properly fuel him. Translation: you won’t have the energy you need to exercise if you don’t stay hydrated and eat well.

I’m off to go run some errands!


4 thoughts on “Exercise Tips From A 9-Year-Old

  1. Sooo aka Jakes munching on calories as he burns them!! Haha..but of course you don’t care as long as he allows you to exercise on their machines.. 😉

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