Do You Want An Infinity Pool?

This time last week, I was wishing to fill my planner and sulking over the fact that I had hardly anything to do. I certainly got my wish! Today I managed to do the drop off for four different camps, including basketball camp, American Girl Doll camp, art camp, and sports camp. Somewhere in between there, I fit in a good workout at the gym.

My workout started off on the wrong foot when I couldn’t find my iPod in my gym bag and I couldn’t get a signal to stream Pandora through my Blackberry. Because I didn’t have any motivating music and nothing interesting was on TV, I wanted to get my run over as fast as possible. I spent the first half mile chucking my phone at the screen, hoping that it would magically start blasting Kid Cudi. No such luck. A little under 30 minutes later, my run ended up looking like this:

Mile Speed
0.0-0.50 3.5
0.50-0.60 6.5
0.60-0.75 5.0
0.75-0.85 6.5
0.85-0.95 4.0
0.95-1.00 7.5
1.00-1.15 4.0
1.15-1.25 7.0
1.25-1.40 4.0
1.40-1.55 7.5
1.55-1.75 4.0
1.75-1.85 7.0
1.85-2.05 4.0
2.05-2.15 8.0
2.15-2.25 3.8

It was definitely a challenging run, but still manageable. I then followed up my interval workout with 30 minutes of weightlifting. I machine-jumped quite a bit and wasn’t really feeling the weights, so I finished my workout the lazy way: I did trashy cardio–as in I read trashy magazines while on the elliptical. Twenty-five minutes later, I broke a sweat and learned about Paris Hilton’s split with her six-hundredth boyfriend.

After scrounging around for something to eat for lunch this afternoon, I figured it was about time I made a trip to Wegmans. I was reluctant to buy avocados, after two of them cost me $62.50, but they’re a great complement to many summery meals.

I also have been craving pumpkin-flavored foods lately, so I wanted to stock up on a couple of cans of pure pumpkin. The pumpkin shortage that started in 2009 is supposedly over, but the shelves indicated otherwise.

It’s nowhere near Thanksgiving and most people don’t crave pumpkin-flavored foods at the end of June, yet there was none to be found. Except of course for the organic pure pumpkin, which can’t compare to Libby’s and is double the price. I still bought a few cans. You obviously can’t ignore a craving for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Natalie was with me and when we saw that one of her good friends from school was working at Wegmans, we readily went through her checkout line. As soon as she started bagging our groceries, I noticed that the store changed their bags to a blinding yellow color. She was unsure of why they changed bags, but I openly expressed my hatred for them.

And the red print? Awful. It doesn’t even say Wegmans! What the heck does “CLP” mean? Okay, rant over.

When I came home, my dad asked me if I wanted an infinity pool. I thought it was a random question and didn’t know what he meant by it. He then went on to tell me that my pool overflowed because the hose had been in it all day. Oops.

In hopes of making up for my whoops-a-daisy moment, I threw together a dinner for my dad and cooked an egg-white omelet for myself. Natalie and I couldn’t resist picking up two baguettes that came fresh out of the oven, so I snacked on a piece while cooking my eggs.

After eating, I showered as fast as possible to be able to watch The Bachelorette in time. I didn’t stick to my workout plan tonight–good thing because I would have had to complete approximately 225 jumping jacks since Ashley did this so much.

I’m going to go think about Bentley now. And then talk about him nonstop for eight weeks. And then think about him some more.


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