That’s What Maryland Does

Happy Father’s Day to any dads! Oh, that’s right. My dad doesn’t even read my blog and I highly doubt that there are any fathers out there trying to emulate a 20-year-old girl who wishes she could wear $700 shoes on a running contraption.

So, unlike other bloggers, I will not be dedicating a post to my dad. I will however be giving a recap of my day to prove that I’m not a horrible daughter, I swear.

Even though I didn’t make it home until nearly 2am last night, I still readily hopped out of bed at 6:30am. I’m a rare breed in that I can fully function on only a few hours of sleep, I do not drink coffee, and I never nap. Don’t ask me how, it’s just a [weird] trait of mine. I came down to the kitchen and quickly made up a batch of pancakes for my family.

No one was sleeping in this morning since Brian was leaving early to go on a mission trip, and my mom and Ali were beach bound. The pancakes were light and fluffy, which was perfect for an early breakfast on Sunday (and Father’s Day).

After breakfast, I made the two-mile walk to my neighbor’s house (I do not live on a farm…I loosely use the term “neighbor”) to wait for their grocery delivery and to water their plants. Waiting for the groceries is like waiting for the [Comcast] cable company to come; they give you a two-hour window of when they’ll arrive, but end up coming two minutes before the time-frame is over.

Surprisingly, as I was approaching their house, I saw the grocery truck in their driveway. Good thing I timed my walk accordingly, otherwise the food would have been sitting out in the heat! Once everything was set, I made my trek back home. I ended up running most of the two miles, but stopped along the way to talk to my 6-year-old neighbor. If his parents were watching from inside, I hope they recognized me and didn’t give him a lecture on stranger danger.

Jen and Zach arrived shortly after I made it back home, so they made a fast lunch while Natalie and I picked up crabs. We spent the majority of the afternoon out by the pool eating crabs and enjoying Coronas, while getting Old Bay and crab intestines all over us. That’s what Maryland does. 😉

While we were sitting outside eating, a rather pungent scent was wafting towards us. Determined to find the source of the smell, Zach searched our property and found a dead bunny. I’m sure my brother will call it a coincidence, but he did recently buy a hunting gun. Hmmm. My wonderful dad put on his gloves and took care of the issue. Nothing like having to dispose of a smelly, dead animal on Father’s Day!

My dad seemed a little crabby, so we showered him with Father’s Day presents (bad joke, I know). My siblings and I originally planned to surprise him with a trip to Los Angeles to visit his nephews, but he actually had already bought a ticket himself. When we learned that he had given his watch to a colleague as a retirement gift (his long-time friend and colleague apparently always admired his watch), we knew exactly what we would be getting him this year.

Since I’m in charge of picking out the watch and haven’t come across the right one just yet, I gave him an IOU. We did have a couple of gag gifts for him, as well as some workout gear. Our company alone is a great present! 🙂

Our sweet tooths are calling–ice cream may be in the future!

How did you spend your Sunday?


7 thoughts on “That’s What Maryland Does

  1. Jeeez, I wish I could function on 4 hours of sleep! I can barely function on my usual 8 hours without coffee! 😛

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