Chloe Licked My iPad

After being out for 14 hours straight on Friday and yesterday being devoted to crafting, I have been staying busy!


Bright and early on Friday morning, my family and I headed over to Brian’s school for his 8th grade graduation. Between the endless names being called and the awards for every subject–and the circuitous speaker–the ceremony lasted over three hours. Everyone, including myself, was rather antsy and couldn’t wait to attend their various post-graduation activities.

Justin Berk, a local meteorologist, brought his ABC2News station with him to capture his commencement speech as well as the receiving of certificates.

Let’s just say that his delivery was…interesting. And long. Finally, with a medal of achievement around his neck and a certificate full of awards, Brian graduated from middle school.

The rest of the afternoon for me was spent babysitting and fighting for couch space, but mostly fighting for couch space.

Perhaps it was the cat on the screen or her own ingenuity, but something possessed Chloe to lick my iPad. I think you know who ended up winning in the end.

who, me?

Little did she know that I relocated to an even better spot.

I was more than willing to soak up some sun on a gorgeous afternoon!


Knowing that I wanted to finish up some of the crafts that I have been working on, I fueled up on an apple with Justin’s chocolate peanut butter for breakfast. It was a good thing that the apple was big, because I ended up spending all morning and several hours in the afternoon putting on the finishing touches on my projects.

I did everything by freehand, which was driving me nuts when I couldn’t get the stripes perfect! A steady hand takes serious concentration! Now I remember why I hated art class–my inner perfectionist would cause me to spend hours working on one project, meaning that I would often have to finish assignments at home.

I still have a few more projects to finish up, but I think I’ll hold off until later this week for those!


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