The Bachelorette Workout Plan

The Bachelorette Workout Plan

On Monday nights, I’m usually glued to the television from 8pm to 10pm to catch up on some nightly news. About ABC’s latest bachelor or bachelorette. 😉

For some reason, I felt a little bored by last night’s episode. I was anxious to hear crazy stories about Natalie’s senior week, and I just couldn’t sit still! To release some of my energy, I decided to turn the episode of The Bachelorette into a drinking exercising game. During the commercials, I did five “real” pushups. Whenever Ashley kissed a guy, I did 10 squats, and whenever she said Bentley’s name, I did 15 jumping jacks.

I actually received a business call during the episode so I missed a few commercials, kisses, and “Bentleys,” but I still got a good mini workout in! During the course of The Bachelorette, I completed 40 pushups, 10 squats, and 30 jumping jacks. Every little bit counts!

I’ve really avoided pushups lately, but when I was able to bang out nearly 100 pushups a few years ago, it wasn’t because I was spending hours in the gym. Instead, I used to complete sets of five pushups at various times throughout the day and eventually built up my endurance. Plus, when I do only a few pushups or squats at a time, I ensure that quantity does not trump quality. I’ll definitely be doing this circuit next Monday night!

Pet-Sitting, Mail-Retrieving, and Plant-Watering

During the summer, I’m pet-sitting, mail-retrieving, or plant-watering nearly every week. I had to attend to my duties bright and early this morning, so I gladly tried a cup of blueberry coffee that was left out for me. I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis–simply because I never feel that I need it–but I’ll enjoy a cup every now and then. I added a little skim milk and sipped away. While I thought the blueberry flavor was a nice enhancer, I didn’t feel that it had any kind of significant effect on me.

Maybe it gave me a little extra energy to help me run away from Chloe, who was biting my legs. (Chloe is a dog, not a little girl!) So even if I became a coffee drinker, I wouldn’t benefit much!

Once I had teeth marks from my shorts to my socks, the mailbox was empty, and my shirt the plants were soaked, I headed home. Natalie was still recovering from her exhausting trip to the beach, but I waited for her to wake up, knowing that she would want to join me on a walk.

While she was sleeping in, I whipped up a quick breakfast from a recipe that I found on another blog. I adapted the recipe a bit, so it was a taste-test. I thought it came out well, though not perfect. Natalie became my guinea pig–she said it was good, but extremely filling! I’ll post the recipe after I make it again. It involved chocolate chips, so definitely check back this week!

After breakfast, we set out to conquer a few miles in the perfect-for-a-walk weather. We walked through a close by neighborhood, not the cinnamon flavored gym socks zone. We had so much to discuss that we ended up walking a little further than usual and completed five miles. It was funny to compare the senior week drama (that everyone has!) and to just catch up in general.

Time to be productive!


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