Cinnamon Flavored Gym Socks

I’ve realized this before, but every now and then I forget that I actually enjoy being busy. I thrive off of having a plan, and oddly enough, I accomplish much more on jam-packed days than I do on lazy, couch potato days.

Today was one of those days when I’m out of the house for eight hours, so it’s important that I really maximize my time. I came home this afternoon for my “lunch break” and knowing that I only had about 45 minutes, I was able to do some dishes and laundry instead of wasting the time watching television. A time crunch is a great way to spark a fire!

When I came home after all of my errands for the day, I quickly made a dinner then popped it in the oven to bake while I went for a walk. It was a nice surprise when my dad came home early tonight, so he joined Ali and me. Obviously we were walking nearby our house, but my dad was a bit confused as to where exactly we were taking him.

Ali and I have a standard loop that we like to do, so we dragged him along. I really like where we walk, but there’s one serious downside: it smells. I live near the McCormick spice factory–which you would think would smell good–but the smells that come out of that place are actually nauseating. I couldn’t properly inhale and exhale while gagging on the cinnamon flavored gym socks smell that was polluting my breathing air.

Things got better once we made it past the factory, but then my dad discovered a tree full of berries. Being the fruit-obsessed person that he is, he insisted on plucking several from the tree. He wouldn’t continue walking until I tried one of the berries. I’m not kidding. Despite my reservations, they were surprisingly sweet and full of flavor.

By the time we finished our 3.5 miles, dinner was ready! I was starving, meaning that there was no time for a photo! We had chicken parmesan with a garbanzo bean salad, which was delicious! I know I’ll be making that dinner again soon and I’ll be sure to post the recipe then.

Ish just got home a little bit ago so I’m going to attack her while watching The Bachelorette!



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