8th Avenue and 42nd Street

I didn’t end up finishing this post yesterday because I decided to watch the movie Just Go With It last night with my family, but here it is now!

New York City

Once Melissa and I finally made it off the hellacious bus, we went to my favorite breakfast spot, Bagel Maven. Baltimore’s bagels don’t even hold a candle next to New York City’s whole-wheat everything bagels. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t feeling back to normal and could only eat half of my bagel.

After I had some food back into my system, we walked around Greenwich Village before heading to SoHo. By noon, it was already sweltering in the city! Even though we spent a lot of time just walking and exploring, we also took the time to go shopping (obviously). Urban Outfitters was one of our first stops, where I picked up two lightweight tops perfect for the hot weather.

We visited some of my favorite stores like TopShop and Zara, but also ventured into some places that are lesser known [to me]. Among the stops, we went to Ghetto Fabulous (not the real name), Shabby Chic Couture, and Brandy Melville.

Ghetto Fab was deceiving–the clothes in the display case looked cute, but as soon as I entered the store, I immediately knew that I was in the wrong place. I’m not a big fan of neon colors or animal prints (unless done the right way). Well, this store combined highlighter yellow with cheetah, creating several ugly outfits. We quietly slipped out the side door and found ourselves walking in front of a movie set. I have no clue what was being filmed, but it involved a woman in a bright orange bikini and a motorcycle. Bizarre.

Melissa and I both loved Shabby Chic Couture. It made me wish I had an unlimited budget. And a house.

I had heard of Brandy Melville before, but never had shopped there. The clothing was comfy yet cute, and definitely reflective of New York style. I’m going to cover this in a later post, but I felt myself gravitating towards more trendy pieces while shopping in the city.

We took a short break from shopping and ducked into Tisch School of the Arts. When the security guards clearly knew that we were not students, they looked the other way and let us wander. We really were just interested in checking out the art gallery, but we somehow managed to find ourselves in a screening room.

After we stopped at a couple more shops, we hopped on the subway and headed uptown. It was nearing 4pm by this point, so we were ready to take a break from shopping and were in need of a cool treat. We walked up the stairs from the subway and decided that Central Park was to our left. Two miles later, we realized that we made a serious mistake. Our feet were aching, we were dying of thirst, and the heat had given me a terrible headache.

Central Park was this close, yet we never looked to the right

We practically collapsed in Herald Square Park, where we finished our bagels and rested for 10 minutes. Since we still had over two hours left in the city, we decided that we would just have to suck it up and backtrack. When we finally made it to Central Park, we discovered that we were less than a block away when we exited the subway–we just never looked to our right. Major fail. Go figure; I can easily find just about any store in Manhattan, but when it comes to nature, I’m at a total loss.

We were far too exhausted to walk around any more, though we still enjoyed simply sitting on a bench and people watching. As our time in New York was coming to an end, we were determined to get some kind of frozen dessert. I was craving Pinkberry (since the frozen yogurt in Baltimore is blah), but I gladly settled on a concrete from Shake Shack. We walked through Times Square for a third time, then made it to the bus just in time.

After walking over six miles just while getting lost and several more miles while shopping, we could not wait to sit for three hours. There was a sea of people in line for the bus, so we asked the supervisor about the line for Baltimore. He responded by telling us that it was on 8th Avenue and 42nd Street. I’m sorry, WHAT? There we were, on 9th Avenue and 31st Street, at 7:23pm ready to board a bus in 7 minutes that was several blocks away.

I was about to cry. Then he told us that he was just kidding. I was relieved, but agitated all at the same time. We also wanted to ensure that I could get a seat on the bottom near the front of the bus, so we asked the other supervisor if he could help us out.

Before we could even explain why we needed an ideal seat, he quickly dismissed us and simply told us no. Even after begging and desperately explaining that I got sick four times earlier that morning, he didn’t budge. As we began walking away, he told us that he too was playing a joke on us. How mean!

Thankfully, we were some of the first ones to get on the bus and we were able to get a seat in the front. While we were waiting for everyone else to load onto the bus, we heard yelling outside of our window. A teenage girl who did not yet have a ticket made an attempt to get on the bus and when the supervisor asked her to get off the bus, she threw a fit. She hit the man and started grabbing papers out of his hand while her parents tried to pull her off of him. It was quite the scene.

Good news! I did not get sick once on the way home. It was nice to sit next to Melissa and to feel actually calm on the ride. However, I did manage to get injured. My Blackberry was plugged in, and when it was finished charging, I pulled the charger out of the socket which was above my head. Stupid move. It came crashing down and hit me in the forehead, leaving a lump the size of Mt. Kilimanjaro in full view.

By 11pm, we were back in Baltimore!


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