The Bus Ride From Hell

When I said that my visits to New York City are never relatively normal, I wasn’t lying. In fact, I hadn’t even left Baltimore before things started going awry.

Our bus was leaving at 6:30am, so my friend Melissa and I planned to meet in the parking lot about 20 minutes beforehand. I left my house early enough, and it was smooth sailing. Until I hit a ridiculous amount of traffic. I realized that some people were on their way to work, but why was it so busy at 6am?!

Then I noticed a truck with a flashing arrow was directing all cars to the two center lanes. As soon as I merged, the truck drove away, thus opening up the lane that was causing the entire backup. By this point, Melissa was already anxiously waiting for me to arrive.

When 6:25am neared, she called me in a panic. The bus driver was demanding that she get on the bus if she was planning on coming, but she begged him to wait for me. He was not very pleased, though Melissa continued to plead with him. Five minutes after the departure time, I pulled into the parking lot and sprinted to the bus.

It wasn’t even 7am and I had already held up an entire busload of people. Being that we were the very last two people on the bus, Melissa and I were forced to sit on the upper-level of the bus, next to strangers. And that was the beginning of the bus ride from hell.

Let’s just get right to the point. I get sick easily. Like really easily. Any time that I am grossed out, feel nauseous, or get dizzy, there’s a 99% chance that I will faint or vomit. If you don’t believe me, you should probably read about the 12 different times that I’ve passed out, all results of ridiculous situations.

About an hour into the bus ride, I started to feel extremely hot, lethargic, and dizzy. I’ll spare you the details, but it’s safe to say that I got sick four times over the course of the gruesome and long three-hour bumpy bus ride.

Thankfully, I was very discreet and hardly anyone noticed, except of course for the woman who was stuck next to me. Melissa was two seats ahead of me, so she was completely unaware as well. Despite sitting there for the entire time willing not to get sick, I still did.

Fortunately for me, the woman that I was sitting next to was comforting and kind. For whatever reason, people seem to enjoy inviting me to their church. She began telling me about the origin of her church and thought that I would be interested in an upcoming festival, so she gave me her name and the church’s website. Don’t get me wrong, faith is important, but I’m not going to the city to shop for a brand new shiny church.

Though she was nice, let’s be real. I was only talking to her to ease my mind. In between hearing about her trip to Istanbul and the artwork that she was going to see in NYC, I would have to excuse myself every 30 minutes to stick my head in a trash bag. No offense to her, but I was ecstatic when it was finally time to get off the bus and breathe in a breath of polluted fresh air.

Check back later to hear about my actual visit to the city!


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