The Grocery Item That Cost $62.50

My parents left us high and dry to go to the beach yesterday morning, so Ali, Brian, and I spent our Memorial Day tanning by the pool. It was hotttt outside! After spending a few hours in the sun and doing some things around the house, I didn’t have the energy to be Martha Stewart and throw together a full-blown cookout.

Brian somehow convinced me to take him to Dick’s Sporting Goods to “look at a few things.” Turns out it was actually a ploy and he was really just using me; he wanted to look at guns, but because he is only 14, he needed an adult to accompany him. Something tells me that a girl in a Trina Turk bathing suit and strapless dress is not trying to buy a 22 caliber gun. Unfortunately for Brian, I did not subject myself to a background check and walk out of the store with a weapon.

Since I was dragged to look at hunting gear, I thought that it was only fair that we go to Wegmans. Despite having a fridge stocked with leftovers from Natalie’s pre-prom party, we still needed a few staples.

When our bill surpassed $200, I didn’t think much of it considering that’s typical for our large family. However,  I happened to glance at the receipt when we came home and noticed that I purchased an item that cost $62.50! The grumpy woman kind lady ringing us up accidentally typed that we had bought 25 avocados. Unless I’m hosting a fiesta some time soon or working in a Mexican restaurant, I don’t think I need a barrel of avocados.

I called customer service and they said that they would gladly refund me the next time that I’m shopping there. Lesson learned: always check your receipts!


2 thoughts on “The Grocery Item That Cost $62.50

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