No Air-Conditioning Makes An Unhappy Colleen

I hope everyone has been enjoying their long weekend!

I was excited to see Ali’s dance recital yesterday, mostly because I’ve seen bits and pieces of it while she practiced in our kitchen. Though I usually thoroughly enjoy seeing the performance, I was not loving it this year. First of all, it’s held in Dulaney’s auditorium, aka an un-air conditioned room. Who can pay attention to fluttering on a stage when you’re busy fanning yourself with the program? The only time that I took a break from manually air-conditioning myself was when I took a nap during the less than stellar dances.

Luckily, I thought ahead and brought a seat cushion with me to avoid being hot and having back pain. Next year I’ll just have to bring along a personal fan. And wear a bathing suit.

I was able to focus during Ali’s dances and I thought she did a great job. I particularly loved her jazz/hip-hop number, as it was fast-paced and funky. I could have done without the toddlers who simply stood on the stage like deer in headlights and the 65-year-old women who were wearing orange cargo pants, mesh hooded sweatshirts, and sideways hats.

Once the curtains closed for the last time, I bolted out of the auditorium as fast as I could. There was a second performance later in the day, but I had a conflict. Darn. Ali, your dance was great, but I couldn’t bear another minute in the sweat-inducing, germ-infested heat box. Sorry.

Due to the fact that we were all glowing–not in a good way–no acceptable pictures were taken.


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