Getting a Good Stretch

Despite the fact that it’s officially summer break, it feels like I have been going nonstop for the past couple of days. Truth be told, I actually prefer it when my days are jam-packed. I started out the day with some exercise with a neighbor. By 8am, the temperatures had already reached 72°and after a 3.5 mile walk, I was hot!

When I came home, Natalie made me feel guilty for exercising without her, so Natalie, Ali, and I went on another walk a few hours later. We pushed through 3 miles, but it was sweltering outside!

I was feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s workout, so I thought some light yoga would help stretch out my muscles. I planted myself in front of my television and turned on ExerciseTV to complete 45 minutes of yoga. I felt relaxed, well-stretched, and energetic afterwards–at home yoga was a success!

Because I wanted a very easy session, I chose YogaWorks for Beginners. If you’re new to yoga and want to give it a try in the comfort of your own home, I highly suggest this workout. The instructor worked at a moderate pace and was very easy to follow. It gave me a good stretch without being too challenging.

I’m working mostly at home for my current internship, so I have a few projects that I want to complete tonight!


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